The FDA has actually permitted the use of Thalidomide again. This is that terrible drug which caused the horrific birth defects of babies being born without arms and legs in the late 50’s. Our FDA director at the time, fortuitously blocked the drug from the US market, so mostly Europe was hit with this tragedy. … Continue reading


I started using Insulin about 4 years ago. I was quite distressed to see the insulin contained Phenol which is a highly toxic chemical used as a disinfectant in products like Lysol. The same ingredient that caused liver damage and death in house cats and other pets where Lysol was sprayed. I instantly recognized the … Continue reading


Serious burns need to have immediate treatment by a doctor or hospital. There is extreme risk of shock, tissue death and infection. Don’t take any chances. I can only describe what worked for my situation. I have extremely fair skin which burns instantly. My skin is incapable of tanning. In less than 2 minutes exposure to Death … Continue reading


This is an easy fix. The method was a simple feat of engineering. None of these silly methods of scaring, paper bags, holding your nose while dancing a jig, etc. Hiccups are a simple result of anatomical design. Your stomach is positioned at a slant so that part of your stomach is higher than the … Continue reading