Mercury, Nickel & Phenol in injections

When I was taking B12 shots, I decided to do my own injections and was shocked to see listed on the ingredients that it contained Mercury as a preservative. I wasn’t happy with that at all. After checking other injection vials in my doctors office, with the help of the nurse, I discovered that all of the injections, vaccines, tetanus, flu shots, antibiotics, etc., regardless of type, contained either Mercury (Thiomersal) or Nickel as a preservative. Mercury is suspected to be the cause of autism. Of course the authorities rush to defend their use of these toxins instead of getting rid of them. They claim the use of mercury (Thiomersal) has been phased out in the US back in 1999. I can tell you that is a downright lie. My B12 injections and the other injections I checked, contained Thiomersal or Mercury just 5 years ago.

Don’t take my word for it. I recommend if you are going to receive an injection, ask to read the ingredients on the vial label. Remember, they use alternate names like Thiomersal for mercury, etc. Here is an article on it.

Even worse, I discovered the B12 injections were a derivative of cyanide (Cyanocobalamin).

Then there is insulin which I’ve already mentioned in a previous article, which contains phenol (or m-cresol, aka metacresol which is another term for phenol).

We also see Mercury in dental amalgam fillings (I had all of mine replaced 30 years ago but the toxins had already damaged the teeth & poisoned the roots which were all eventually lost). It is also in a variety of topical medicines, nasal spray, diaper rash and eye drop medicines.

Where is the FDA in all of this? I have a personal issue with injections containing any amount of toxins, no matter how minute. The point is we cant seem to trust our government and Federal agencies to protect us. Their utter disregard for our welfare sure seems like they want to thin out the population.

I did find out that I could obtain B12 without mercury and derived from a different source than cyanide from a compounding pharmaceutical company but the cost was about $435 and the medical insurance coverage would not pay for compounding pharmacy drugs. I decided I did not need B12 that badly.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to know what to do when you are in a situation where you need the injections and have no other choice. It seems to me, if enough people band together and raise enough hell, file complaints, boycott products from certain companies… like Monsanto, pharmaceutical companies, etc., perhaps you can change what they are doing.

I feel it is important to be informed on these issues. Our same government who allows these toxins to be placed in our injections and other medicines is the same government who allowed horrific radiation experiments and deliberate bacterial sprayings on innocent US populations. I feel the attitude toward human experiments is the same attitude allowing toxins to be placed in our medicines. Only public outrage seems to work.



Flu shots

My opinion on flu shots will probably be very unpopular. I doubt any doctors would agree with me on this, so I can only share my own views about flu shots and how I came about those opinions. My brother is probably the only other person who would agree with me on Flu shots. Neither of us have ever had a flu shot and neither of us has ever had the flu, which is quite amazing considering our mother had the flu every year. Our opinions about Flu shots began with our mother who always got a flu shot every year and she always came down with the flu immediately following the shot. She was severely ill and bedridden for 3 to 6 weeks every time she got a flu shot. This went on year after year for decades. It convinced both my brother and myself that the flu shots infected the recipient with the flu. Our mother would never listen to our concerns. She always claimed the actual flu would be a lot worse if she did not get a shot and refused to stop taking the shots. She was born in the WWI era where the flu, brought to the US by returning soldiers killed millions. Prior to the development of air travel, the continents and their respective illnesses had been separated by the duration of time required for a ship to cross the oceans. Thus, most of the flu’s had completed their cycle by the time the ship crossed the ocean. The first flu epidemics were the worst because the populations had not developed immunities to the illnesses on distant continents.

However, our mother was not the only person who got the flu after each flu shot. Many people I have known have gotten the flu following a flu shot. I still have one friend who continues to get the flu every year after he gets a flu shot but he still refuses to stop taking them. I still don’t understand why someone would continue to take a shot which makes them severely ill. It makes no sense to me.

I also find it quite strange that most of the flu’s seem to originate out of China. I find it even more disturbing that the pharmaceutical company which manufacturers the flu shots always seems to always know a year in advance which flu strain will strike and always has that very same flu vaccine ready for that specific strain of flu. One must keep in mind that it takes a year to produce these flu vaccines.

This means the flu vaccine manufacturer knows a year in advance which new flu would strike. The fact that this occurs year after year with such efficiency,  takes on the impression that the flu strain itself and the vaccine were produced by the same source with the new virus strain delivered on schedule to a preselected place of origin to begin its spread. As an engineer, I notice patterns and I find this pattern to be most disturbing. How handy it would be for the flu vaccine manufacturer to create the new strain and set it off and blame it on China.

Always knowing a year in advance as to which flu for which to create a vaccine… is a little too coincidental in my opinion. It definitely seems to work well to maintain their vaccine profit margins.

I became increasingly concerned when the media started these continuous flu and pandemic scares trying to frighten the public into rushing out to get vaccines against small pox, SARs, Bird Flu, etc. It became even more disconcerting when I started seeing flu vaccine ads being aired on TV every 10 minutes, week after week. Literally aired every 10 minutes during prime time on each channel. This is not an exaggeration. How much taxpayer dollars went into that? Then I noticed there were Flu shot ads on marquees in front of every pharmacy, grocery store, doctors office and practically every business imaginable. The entire area was flooded with flu shot signs. The amount of high pressure advertising and saturated media marketing was unlike anything I had ever seen. The situation hit an extremely disturbing level when they started talking about a Law requiring the entire population of the US to get the flu vaccines whether they wanted one or not. I found these government pressure tactics over flu shots and false pandemic scares to be quite unsettling. This all occurred between 2003-2007. Yet, no one seems to step back long enough to notice.

I think it is also of interest to know that the Secretary of Defense at that time was the former CEO of the very same Pharmaceutical company which produces the flu vaccines & still has financial connections with that company. So I will leave the conclusions to you in regard to the flu shots. I find these issues to be too disturbing to ignore.

I cannot advise anyone on what they should or should not do when it comes to their medical issues. These issues are for each person to decide. I would think twice before rushing out to get a flu vaccine.

I can only describe how these issues relate to me or my family. We certainly will not be getting one.

As always, you should seek the advice and care of a qualified medical professional.


Post Surgery Blood Clot Danger

Anytime your skin is cut, your body initiates its clotting mechanism automatically. This is a deadly risk following any kind of surgery. Even minor surgeries.  Fifteen years ago, when my father died 48 hours after receiving a stent, I contacted two coroners in two different states who both told me the same thing. According to these coroners, over 50% of patients having day surgeries die within 3 weeks of surgery due to post surgical blood clots. I was appalled by this revelation. Even more shocking was the fact that the surgeons, hospitals and medical community knew about this. Instead of doing something to save the patients at the time, their response was to create day surgeries to get the patients discharged as quickly as possible. If they can get the patient out the door alive, their subsequent deaths do not count against the doctor, hospital or their insurance premiums. The surgeons were not lifting a finger to address the problem of post surgery deaths or strokes from blood clots.

The older the patient, the higher the risk due to narrower arteries which were easily blocked by clots. Increased dehydration made the blood stickier and more prone to clotting. Cigarette smoking makes the blood more prone to clotting and reduces oxygen to the cells. All of these things increase your risk of dying from a post surgical blood clot.

In my own case, I decided I would rather bleed than clot. Unless you are gushing copious amounts of blood, bleeding can be dealt with, but clots are deadly. So when my surgeons were not willing to take action, I took an enteric coated baby aspirin as soon as I woke up in post op recovery and daily thereafter. I waited until after the surgery so there would not be any increased bleeding issues but as soon as I was in recovery, I took the aspirin to prevent clotting. I also let my doctors know I was doing this. I’m not recommending this for anyone else. I am simply describing the measures I used to protect myself. I also have a friend who is a surgical nurse who confirmed everything I have described about the post surgical blood clots. My friend also takes the same steps to protect himself after surgery and he also has the same motto; he’d rather bleed than clot.

Two years later, my former spouses father was having a double knee replacement surgery. Knowing what we did about post surgical blood clots, we begged and pleaded him to take measures to protect himself from post surgical blood clots. If he would not help himself, we begged him to at least talk to his doctor about clots. He was a stubborn old man and wouldn’t even bother to ask his doctor about it. He was convinced his doctor knew what he was doing and he was leaving all the decisions in his doctors hands and had no intention of asking his doctor about anything. He flat refused to even ask the doctor about clots. We begged him to reconsider until we were blue in the face… to no avail. He had the surgery and died 24 hours later from a blood clot. My spouse was in an angry rage at his fathers needless, preventable death.

I am glad to say that a lot more doctors are now making efforts to ensure that their patients have the proper medicine to prevent the development blood clots. I now hear more and more people telling me that their doctors are taking measures to give them medicine in post op to prevent the formation of clots. More people are now willing to question their doctors about this issue before surgery. So it is a lot better than it was 15 years ago… but not completely. There are still surgeons out there who are more interested in their fees than whether their patients will die from post surgical blood clots.

You must be proactive in your health care. If you plan to have any type of surgical procedure, including stents, etc., you need to ask your surgeon what he plans to do to prevent you from forming post surgical blood clots. If he plans to do nothing, I would run like hell from that surgeon and find another. Seek as many different surgeons as necessary to find one who does care enough to ensure your welfare. However, do not tell the new surgeon about the previous surgeon. They are a good ole boys clique and will stick together and will not speak against another surgeon. So if you go to another surgeon, do not mention the previous surgeon. Start fresh with the new one. If he doesn’t plan to do anything about clots… find another until you find one who cares about your post surgical recovery enough to take measures to prevent clots. Go to another town if you have to.

Call the coroner and ask them about post surgical blood clots. If you do nothing to protect yourself against post surgical clots, the coroner will be the next medical professional who sees you after your surgery.

Here are your options if your surgeon does not plan to prevent formation of post surgical clots:

  • Do nothing and take your chances of dying from a post surgical blood clot
  • Find another surgeon who will take measures to prevent clots
  • Take your own measures to ensure you do not form clots.
  • Write on your hospital surgical authorization that you require post op clot prevention medication
    • initial and date your statement requiring clot prevention meds to be administered in recovery
    • Demand the meds in recovery
    • Talk to the doctor
    • Bring your own measures in case your requests are ignored
      • however, make sure you were not already given thinners after your surgery

My 82 year old aunt had surgery last year and I was quite concerned about her welfare. I was quite relieved to find her doctor was addressing the clotting issue and was ordering the medicine to be administered in recovery and appropriate follow-up medicines to ensure she did not form clots over the next 3 to 6 weeks. I made sure my aunt remembered to ask the doctor again on the day of the surgery and to double check with the recovery nurses to ensure that the medicines were not forgotten. It is always possible for a doctor to forget if he becomes distracted. I drove my aunt nuts about this issue… but I’m happy to say she survived.

When I was in the hospital ICU 6  months ago for a week, I was surprised that they were administering blood thinners to ensure I did not form clots from being bedridden. I was impressed that they were addressing the issue so proactively. Usually, it takes multiple law suits to get hospitals and doctors to respond so proactively. But I was delighted to see them doing this. However, that does not mean these issues are addressed by all doctors and hospitals. It is up to you to ensure your needs are being addressed.

This is also an issue for your pets having surgery. Especially elderly pets, so be sure to address this issue with the vets. I had adamantly warned my late spouse not to take the elderly dog to the vet for surgery to remove nonmalignant skin growths… but he would not listen and the dog died just a few hours after surgery from post surgical blood clots.

Post surgical blood clots are one of the major causes of deaths of humans and pets which goes completely unreported without any warnings or statistics. Doctors are much better now than they were 15 years ago… but not all of them.

You must be proactive in your health care if you wish to survive.

As always, if you have major medical or health issues, seek the care and advice of a qualified medical professional. I am not a doctor and I can only tell you what works for me and my family. But I cannot advise your situation. Find a qualified doctor who is willing to address your needs.



Hearing loss & ear wax

This may sound silly, but there is a lot of hearing loss which is caused by excess ear wax… which also means you may be able to restore some of the hearing. When my son was a toddler, he could hear all the sounds so I thought his hearing was fine. However, it was a long time before he began to talk and even then he only said a handful of words. Those words were not pronounced correctly. He would say “no” for “Snow” and “cruk” for truck. I never used baby talk. But I was a young mother and didn’t realize something wasn’t right.

Although I cleaned his ears with Q tips, I was afraid to harm him by cleaning too deep. To my surprise, the doctor saw his ears were plugged with wax and was impairing his hearing. The question is why didn’t my son’s doctors mention this before? They checked him monthly and never said a word. It was only when a substitute doctor saw him that I learned about this. He recommended using Debrox to dissolve the wax from his ears. As soon as I did that, suddenly his language skills took off and he was talking prolifically and pronouncing words correctly. All because I didn’t know my son’s ears were plugged with wax deep in his ear canals.

A couple years later, I get a frantic phone call from my ex that he had gone deaf in one ear. This was a big deal to him because he was an announcer. I told him it was probably ear wax because in his case, he was raised by his mother to fear Qtips. I sent him to the doctor and that was exactly the problem. Debrox also fixed his ear wax blockage as well. Some people get more wax than others and can block up in just a matter of days. Especially males or people with oily skin… but not limited to those alone.

However, if you have an elderly family member or any family member who is losing their hearing, it is possible that ear wax is a problem in their situation as well. The wax often gets quite deep against the ear drum. Much deeper than most people dare to use the Qtips. So, if someone in your family is developing hearing loss, it might  be a good idea to try debrox to dissolve any of the ear wax. If the wax has been building for a while, it might take a few times to dissolve it. In some cases the wax is so hardened it will not dissolve. A doctor can easily see the wax and in some cases the wax had solidified to the point where it had to be removed by the doctor because it was impervious to the wax dissolver.

It is amazing how often this simple wax problem was the source of the hearing loss. A doctor can see this. If it is an elderly family member, they may need to use debrox on a regular basis to keep the wax dissolved. Elderly are often oblivious to their needs. Some spouses are as well. It is also hard to get them to cooperate. This is just something to think about if you have a family member with hearing loss. Removing ear wax is better than everyone being subjected to loud volume on the TV. If they won’t try the wax dissolver, then perhaps they will listen to a doctor.

Osteoporosis & Osteopenia

Vitamin D3 is the catalyst required for calcium to be absorbed by your bones. Vitamin D must be converted by your body to D3 before it will become effective in the absorption of Calcium. A large portion of our population is not able to convert Vitamin D to D3. So it doesn’t matter if your endocrinologist or doctor gives you massive doses of 50,000 IU (international units) of vitamin D if your body is not converting it to D3. For some reason, many doctors don’t seem to get it. Higher doses of D will not help if your body is not converting it to D3.

The simple way is to take Vitamin D3 in the first place. Then you don’t have to worry about whether your body is converting what you need. Without adequate D3, your calcium supplements and calcium you ingest will deposit in organs and vessels where you do not need it, rather than your bones.

I had osteopenia 15 years ago. Both my mother and grandmother had severe osteoporosis. I was able to completely reverse my osteopenia and my bones are now the density of a teenager.  I bought the Walgreens D3 softgels 2000 IU strength. I took three D3’s every day with calcium supplements until my osteopenia was completely reversed. It only took a few months. If you are deficient in something like calcium or D3, taking the standard dose will only maintain what you are. To restore calcium to repair damaged bones requires more than a standard dose of D3. Once my reversal was achieved, I reduced my D3 dose to two per day as an ongoing maintenance dose. After my bones were restored, I no longer required extra calcium because of the amount of milk I drink. It was my inability to produce D3 in the first place which caused my osteopenia and my family’s proclivity toward osteoporosis. You will have to base your calcium intake on the density of your bones and the amount of milk you drink. (read my article on IBS if you have issues with drinking milk. You may find it is the contents of the milk causing your dairy problems.)

Avoiding dairy is the worst thing you can do to your bones. Even if you have had kidney stones you should not go to the opposite extreme. Otherwise you will pay for it with your bones. At the very least, you will need to take daily calcium supplements with D3 if you do not drink milk. I drink Horizon brand skim milk which is free of any bGH or bST Bovine (cow) hormones. It is these hormones made by Monsanto and given to dairy cows to increase milk production which causes the IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and misdiagnosed lactose intolerance. Never buy any milk unless it specifically states it is free of these bovine hormones. Try the hormone free skim milk by Horizon. I think you will find it does not cause those problems. At least it works for everyone I know… over 50 people who no longer have IBS or lactose intolerance issues because they discovered it was the bovine hormones causing the problems. But be aware that cheese, yoghurt, ice cream, cottage cheese, puddings, etc., may have been made with milk which has bovine hormones and may result in IBS or similar issues.

I highly recommend drinking skim milk (bovine hormone free) to avoid any problems with developing kidney or gall stones. Taking D3, will help the calcium absorb in your bones, not build up in your organs and blood vessels as well as reduce the incidence of stones by allowing calcium to absorb into your bones rather than your kidneys.

The suggested maintenance dose of D3 is only effective if you have no bone thinning problems. It requires more D3 to reverse damage. My doctor is aware of the doses I take, so it is not a haphazard amount. The doctors were amazed at the rate of reversal I was able to eliminate my osteopenia. It was the three 2000 IU D3’s I was taking. I did not take excessive amounts of calcium and most of the time, my calcium came from the amount of milk I drink. Excessive calcium is not a good idea. You will end up with it in your organs and vessels or stones. So do not exceed the amount of calcium recommended by your doctor, etc. Without the D3, your bones will not absorb the calcium.

I am not a doctor. I can only tell you what works for me. For me, it was a simple matter of engineering & logic to increase the dose of D3 to absorb more calcium to repair damage. After the repair was fully accomplished, I reduced my dose to two D3’s per day as a maintenance dose since I have a proclivity toward osteoporosis.

You may also need to take estrogen (females) or testosterone (males) if you are abnormally low. This will also help with the absorption of calcium in your bones. But these come with risks of their own. The only type of estrogen I will take is premarin. I have taken it for 25 years. Most estrogens are made from soy. Premarin is not. I will not take anything made out of soy (a Monsanto GMO product which I will address on a future article).

Often, males have osteoporosis as frequently as females, but they never bother to get bone density tests. Drinking coffee all day long does not help the situation. Most coffee drinkers do not get enough calcium. Males usually wait until they break a bone and it doesn’t heal correctly before they find out their bones are thin. Bone density is a simple scan which is done in a doctor’s office. Nothing to be afraid of. It is quick and easy to get a bone density scan. Nothing invasive. No pain. Just a simple scan on an exam table in the office of doctors who specialize in these scans. If you are over 50, (or whichever age they are recommending for bone scans) just ask your GP who can run the scan for you. Don’t wait until you incur bone damage to check your density levels. It is far easier to fix if you catch it early.

As with any medical problem, you should always seek the advice of a qualified medical professional. But remember, if your doctor is not providing the proactive care you need… find a new doctor who will address your needs.

Migraine headaches

I discovered a surprising cause of Migraine headaches. I had noticed that my headaches only occurred when I was at home. I finally discovered my headaches were being caused by natural gas (either the gas itself or the odor they add to it). Even a single pilot light was enough to cause my migraines. I suffered with Migraines for years until I finally moved to an “all electric” home. I have never had another migraine again.

Prior to moving, I had to keep windows open for fresh air circulation. I also shut down my furnace and used the portable electric heaters which look like fluid filled radiators. I chose that style for safety reasons. In one house, we had a new heater installed in the attic with a special powered vent which was effective in eliminating Migraines.

An “all electric” home has actually been cheaper than using gas. So all of those scare tactics telling us gas was so much cheaper than electric is not true. My electric company also has an “all electric” discount as well.

I also learned from an expert in natural gas that it also tends to leave a yellowish coating to your walls, etc., similar to cigarette smoke. He felt it was the additive in the gas causing the Migraines and residues. Unfortunately, the additive odor is needed for public safety because natural gas has no odor and a leak would not be noticed without the additive with the distinctive smell.

So, if you are experiencing Migraines, try airing out your house for at least 30 minutes daily and perhaps try spending some time in an all electric home or a hotel without gas pilots near the rooms to see if your headaches improve. Also, in the summer time when you never use your heat, you can completely shut off the gas and pilot at your furnace during that time of year. Please have a professional do this because you do not want to take a chance on having gas leaking from an unlit pilot. But don’t ask the bozo techs about Migraines because they won’t have a clue and will deny it or ridicule the suggestion out of ignorance. If the doctors don’t know gas causes Migraines, you can’t expect your furnace techs to know this. In fact, there are very few people who know about this, but I’m hoping to help spread the word so people won’t have to suffer from Migraines.

In those friends and family members who eliminated natural gas, they also eliminated their Migraines.

I’m not a doctor but it seems our medical community also has no clue about the cause of Migraines. Their favorite fallback is claiming you must have stress. Anyone can have stress but that does not mean it is the cause of your migraines. I only learned about the natural gas cause of my Migraines because my headaches always improved when I left the house to go to work. The reason women suffer from Migraines more than men, is because they spend more time at home as housewives or taking care of their children. It has nothing to do with sex. It has to do with the amount of time you spend in the proximity of natural gas.

When considering the sources of natural gas, I found that a single pilot light was enough to cause migraines.

Sources of natural gas appliances can be:

  • Water heaters
  • Cook stoves & ovens
  • Furnace & central heat and air
  • Clothes dryers
  • Hot tubs
  • Wall furnace

If you continue to have migraines even without natural gas, then you may have another allergen as the source of your headaches. Plain Benadryl antihistamine may help. I also recommend a CO2 (carbon dioxide) detector in your home if you burn any type of natural gas, wood, coal, fireplace, wood stove or any type of burning fuel.

Heated resins from the circuit boards of over heated computers, TV’s, and other electronics can create fumes which will cause headaches.

Everyone should air out their home for at least 30 minutes every day. Especially late afternoon. UV lights in your central air system will help kill molds and bacteria. Change furnace filters every month. If your air conditioner freezes up and leaks water, then your filters are too dense and the air is not freely flowing over the coils. Use a less dense filter. Also, be sure to keep the drain line clear and use antifungal tablets in the water tray available from air conditioner repair companies.

Fumes from glues, oil based paints, foam products, etc., can also build up in the home, so airing out the house every day will help but only the removal of the sources will eliminate it. Use diluted bleach to kill any molds in your house. Also have a tech check your air unit for molds. They have a special spray to kill molds in your air handler without damaging the metal.

High blood sugar levels will also cause headaches as will straining to focus your eyes from needing proper eyeglasses. Especially if you are over 40 and need readers. Vanity will only get you a headache if you are struggling to focus because you think reading glasses are unflattering. Clenching and grinding your teeth can also cause headaches as can a fever or infection.

However, headaches could also be a symptom of something much worse like a brain tumor, aneurism or other serious conditions.  A brain scan would be a good idea if you have chronic headaches to make sure you do not have something serious wrong. Your life could depend on it. Most of these conditions are quite treatable, so don’t avoid medical help. Always seek professional medical help for serious conditions. Delays could be disastrous… so seek medical care as soon as possible. If you have chronic headaches and have not had a brain scan, then ask for one. If a doctor is not willing to order a brain scan such as a CT or MRI, then get another doctor. It is your welfare at risk… not theirs. Many medical insurance providers require their doctors to put off ordering expensive tests and delay the patient requests until the patient becomes insistent.  Don’t let them ridicule your requests. Find a doctor who still cares about the patient.