Mboobs, feminization & fatigue in men & Tainted Food Dangers

Manboobs, feminization, weight gain, fatigue & listless lethargy, early hair loss, high emotions, depression are all caused by the high levels of estrogen in genetically modified (GMO) soy. Aggressiveness & violence are also being bred out of our males who are being inundated with GMO soy in everything they eat. This is turning them into couch potatoes with no energy & high emotions. Even worse when young boys receive high levels of estrogen from birth. This is also why you see so many young males losing their hair before the age of 25. For these reasons, Europe banned GMO soy while the US & Canada use GMO in 95% of all soy products.

Females also suffer according to local radiologists who say the GMO soy has been turning up in breast tumors which are usually fed with estrogen. Any attempt to alert patients & public has been met with aggressive lawsuits from Monsanto to silence doctors & destroy their careers to protect Monsanto’s profit.

Nearly all estrogens are made from soy except for premarin. If you are taking prescribed estrogen as I have for 30 years after surgical anesthesia damaged my ability to produce estrogen, I only take premarin. Never soy based estrogen. Especially since I’m also allergic to GMO soy.

Diabetes is being caused by GMO corn & rice.

These GMO products were all created by Monsanto which is now owned by Bayer & using a new brand name. They also owned Ortho, a pesticide company which may also have been rebranded. Ortho has the herbicide “Round up” which is being sprayed on these GMO produce a day or two before harvest. It is not washed off. They call these “Roundup ready” products & actually try to convince us it is safe to eat. Interesting how many pharmaceutical companies also own a sister pesticide company. If it cant be used as medicine, use it as a pesticide.

Did you know that Bayer who now owns these Monsanto companies was one of 3 companies in Nazi germany which comprised IG Farben. Producer of the infamous Zyclon B used on concentration camp prisoners in the waterless showers.

If you get rid of soy in your diet and the extra estrogen you and your family are consuming in your food, you will all feel much better. It is in nearly everything you eat. Especially foods which say they are low fat or non fat or high protein. Read the labels on everything. Buy the products which are natural. Amy’s foods & soups are natural. So is Breyers ice cream. No Lecithin which is another word for soy used in ice cream.

When Europe banned GMO soy, their scientists had determined the estrogens contained in this soy were feminizing men. The estrogen made them fatigued, tired, gain weight. Some developed breasts and smaller genitals; particularly the young males with a heavy diet of GMO soy products from a young age and even worse in those whose mothers had a diet heavy in GMO soy while pregnant. Europe claimed their males who ate the GMO soy were listless and apathetic and emotional depending on the ages and amount of consumption. Many males began losing hair by the age of 20.

In the past before GMO products, the hair loss in males more naturally occurred near the age of 40. Fast food is loaded with soy. The amount of GMO soy consumed is cumulative within each daily intake dosage. The more eaten from all sources determines the severity of feminization or tumors.

If you hear someone tell you this is untrue. The GMO company has spent hundreds of millions on doctors & universities to create fake studies to convince you the estrogen in their soy is weak and has no effect. If you were a female, would you eat something which contained testosterone a male hormone which would cause you to grow whiskers and hair on your chest? This is the same scenario when they are cramming the internet and TV with PAID studies and PAID doctors and PAID Universities coming at you from all directions to make you feel stupid for being concerned about eating estrogen and having it as an ingredient in nearly everything you eat? This also affects your spouse and your children.

We are also consuming toxic levels of vitamin additives in nearly everything we eat or drink.

Read every food label. Organic foods only have to contain 20% organic products to use that claim. No bovine hormones in dairy. Eat organic, non GMO, pesticide free fruit & vegetables.

Avoid Mexico produce due to habitual ecoli, salmonella & other deadly bacterias plaguing & contaminating their water & fields from bad sanitation. Even California had this issue when water runoff from a cattle field contaminated the lettuce crop with ecoli. Another state had deadly ecoli in organic apple juice because some apples fell to the ground where deer had pooped.

These alerts have been reported by the FDA every year for decades. The produce manager for one of my upscale grocery chains nearly died from deadly contamination from produce from Mexico. He was in ICU over 3 weeks… he was born & raised in Mexico & will no longer touch Mexican produce. You can read about these on the FDA recall site.

The GMO Company is stacking the internet in their favor just like stacking your high school ballot box with hundreds of phony votes for your candidate.

The GMO soy is worth BILLIONS of dollars in profits because soy is literally in almost every processed or packaged food when there is no reason for it to be there such as albacore packed in water has soy added to it or ice cream has soy called lecithin added to it. GMO soy is in everything. Spaghetti, Pizza, hamburgers, flour & breads, potato chips, etc. To the politicians, it is worth unlimited campaign funds for both Party candidates and it is worth more on the stock market which every politician and elite pander to ensure their personal profits and kickbacks from companies this powerful to ensure they support them.

If you were a university and a huge company donated millions or a doctor who was paid 25 million dollars to create a study with a preplanned outcome or to provide their backing or a politician who received a 25 million dollar kickback or campaign donation… wouldn’t you make false claims about the safety of estrogen or soy or radioactive caesium in your food or discount the effects of estrogen on men… because this is what is going on. They are flooding the internet to make it look like all sources are saying the same thing about how safe it is. When you see the same verbatim statements on multiple domains, those are ballot box type stacking which corporations or the gov’t created to make you believe false statements are true. It is psychological programming for the weak minded public. It must be true since 30 websites say so? They don’t want you to stop eating it because they are making billions of dollars in profits by putting soy in everything you eat.

They will go to any extent to make you feel safe eating GMO soy with estrogen and Roundup Ready herbicide products and GMO corn products. Since all three are in nearly every product you eat, even if they were in low quantities (which they are not), you would have some with your breakfast in your toast, jelly, McMuffin, juice, cherry tart or hash browns and again in your sandwich, hamburger or fries or chips and soft drink for lunch, then again in your spaghetti, bread, sauce, soda, pasta, etc., for dinner or snacks or pizza or salad dressing, etc.

So just how many items per day which contain these three items you consume 3 times or more per day does it take for such low levels to become high levels? And that doesn’t include Cesium 137 a d 134 in your seafood… oooh, but those are supposedly in low levels too. All pacific sea life is testing positive for the Fukushima reactor accident & radioactive contamination. But our gov’t keeps raising the levels they claim or safe like they did to those poor GI’s exposed to the nuke bomb tests… so those food products can say they are within safe limits set by the gov’t. Did you know that ALL nuclear reactors burp radioactive gasses & products like Iodine 131, krypton, strontium, tritium, etc. on a regular basis even when there are no problems. These end up in your milk & dairy products and other farm livestock & crops. If you live within 25 miles of any type of nuclear reactor… move.

They are also telling you the roundup weed killer is safe to eat as well. Always claiming the estrogen and the weed killer are at such weak levels. They are telling us the same thing about the fish in the Pacific which are contaminated by Cesium 137 and 134. They claim those are at weak levels… and those levels were just raised by the US gov’t so the contamination falls under those limits. They just keep raising the limits just like they did when they irradiated all those soldiers with the A-bomb tests in the 50’s by raising the exposure safety limits.

Or the low levels of radiation claimed by 3 mile Island which destroyed the reactor core and caused thousands of cases of leukemia and other cancers but the victims were court ordered to silence if they accepted any money from the Utility.

Or the coverups for the GI’s of Vietnam Agent Orange or the Desert Storm sickness from the massive vaccinations and depleted Uranium. Or the cover up of Mad Cow disease by not allowing any tests to be conducted in the US so they could claim there were none found to be positive. Of course not if none were tested but FDA whistle blowers saw sick cows with mad cow which couldn’t stand up… being dragged into the slaughterhouse for human food when such cows were supposed to be sent to the pet food processing. There is a video of some of those cows on the DVD Food Inc. That same plant processed poultry on the other side. Cross contamination. The plant owner was the head of the USDA.

Then there were all the deaths of pets from tainted pet food. I spoke to the Director of Veterinary research at Cornell (the group who had originally discovered the pet food contamination). Her students brought in their own pets who had died and what she told me was it was not melamine as we claimed and blamed on the Chinese. The pets had internal lesions not caused by melamine which causes blockages of blood flow. They also found cancer drugs in the pet food. She was threatened with her job if they made any more public reports about their findings.

China says Menu foods ordered the melamine which were shipped in separate bags which were pink in color and clearly marked. The regular pet food additives were in white bags, also clearly marked. I also spoke to the FDA who took over 5000 reports in one day about pets which had died just in his region alone. I lost 7 in one week. He told me he would not let his own cat eat meat and he was a vegetarian because the meat was not safe unless he hunted it himself. This was the FDA. Yet our gov’t claimed it was only 9 test cats at Menu foods in Canada which died.  None of the other thousands of pet deaths were ever reported to the public. Menu foods processes the pet foods for almost every pet food company in the US except for solid gold and Van Patten’s pet foods. It sounds to me like someone was trying to get rid of our pets. I believe I read that the owners of Menu foods were also business partners of Bush Sr. I also read that grandfather Prescott Bush was a fan of Eugenics. (thinning out the population).

You may not be old enough to remember these things but you need to know how these games are played. It is your life and your choice. I don’t gain anything by doing this. I don’t earn any money. I have no agenda except to warn people of health hazards which few others will. I take the time to research and contact the key people who know what is going on. I have seen major corporations shamelessly offering perks to get contracts and kickbacks. I’ve seen them offer high dollar motor homes, skyboxes at sports stadiums, Cruises, homes in the bahamas, lear jets, gold, etc., and I have seen a board of directors all talking about the money they were getting kickbacks on for phony companies they owned under another relative’s name. Companies which were paid monies for jobs never done…  so never underestimate the extent a corporation will go to ensure their profits, power and control.

The vitamin additives in all our foods are cumulative & toxic. They nearly put me on dialysis because my potassium levels were critically high. Until I realized I was getting 6400 mg of potassium per day in a gallon of milk. The doctor thought I was taking supplements. I was not. Vitamin A can also become toxic and E can cause clots taken internally. Better for external lotions. However, vitamin C is excellent to prevent & treat colds.

Be sure to keep track of the actual dosages of vitamins you are consuming in milligrams, etc. on the labels. Not daily percentages. Also keep track of numbers of servings because they will list a single beverage or meal as 2 or more servings which means you are consuming multiple dosages of vitamins.

You can easily check the facts that soy contains high levels of estrogen which they use to produce estrogen medicine for women. Even at low levels, if it is in everything you eat, then you are getting OD’ed 3 times a day at every meal and every snack. Even your crackers have soy and your cereal. Go to Google and type two words “Soy and Estrogen” which will bring up a panel describing the estrogens in Soy.

Here is the panel from Google:

  • Soy is a phytoestrogen, or a plant based estrogen. It contains two isoflavones, genistein and daidzein, which act like estrogen (the female sex hormone) within the body. Because estrogen plays a role in everything from breast cancer to sexual reproduction, this is where most of the soy controversy stems. Apr 1, 2015

Here is the panel on symptoms from estrogen on men:

  1. Sexual dysfunction (low libido, decreased morning erections, decreased erectile function)
  2. Enlarged breasts
  3. Lower urinary tract symptoms associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)
  4. Increased abdominal fat (can also be a symptom of low estrogen)
  5. Feeling tired
  6. Loss of muscle mass
  7. Emotional disturbances, especially depression
  8. Type 2 diabetes

Then if they lie & try to tell you it doesn’t cause feminization, you can also look up the effects of estrogen on males. It should be obvious to you that estrogen causes weight gain, fatigue and feminization. It has the opposite effect of the male hormone testosterone on women such as hair growth and muscles, whiskers, etc. Would you eat that if you were female?

Here is the link to male estrogen symptoms:

8 Surprising High-Estrogen Symptoms in Men

When someone wants a gender change to a female they give them estrogen to feminize them. Regardless of the source, the same rules apply for estrogen in Soy as it does from an estrogen pill. So don’t let someone tell you that estrogen doesn’t cause feminization of men or that soy isn’t used for estrogen because you know it does. If you don’t, look it up. Use a real encyclopedia book which can’t be altered like the internet to look up facts. Once you get rid of soy and estrogen in your diet, you will feel much better. The same goes for your spouse who is also getting overdosed on estrogen she doesn’t need as well as your children.

Women should also know that most estrogens are made from GMO soy except for Premarin which is named from its source, pregnant Mare urine. I have taken it for 31 years without developing any tumors or cancers. I just had a mammogram 2 weeks ago and a CT scan as well. If you need estrogen, Premarin does not contain any soy or roundup weed killer. My insurance provider must have a deal with the source of the other estrogens and wont pay for Premarin but it is not that expensive. I won’t be forced to take something I’m allergic to or contains herbicides which every other brand of estrogen contain.

Females also suffer from fatigue and weight gain from extra estrogen in their food with GMO soy. Eating GMO soy products multiplies those issues. A hospital radiologist told me a few years ago that they were finding an increase of the weed killer Round up in breast tumors of women and the GMO soy. The roundup ready GMO soy products are sprayed with roundup weed killer which is owned by the same company which makes GMO Soy.

I am allergic to GMO soy. I wasn’t allergic until they started messing with it. I used to put soy sauce on everything as a child. But when they modified the soy, I became allergic to everything. Over 200 different things. After years of being allergic to everything to the chagrin of my doctors, I finally blundered onto a website which had a list of the products which used soy. It was a list of nearly everything I had an allergic reaction to. I didn’t know that they were using soy as a plastic softener for making polyvinyl chlorides (remember the PVC Jackets?) That is what they were made from. Soy is also a softener in IV & oxygen tubing. It makes open sores on my skin so they have to place tape on the tubes to keep it from touching my skin. I have to take Benadryl antihistamine when using any of these products or medicines which contain soy.

As I mentioned above, Soy is also in ice cream under the name of lecithin. Breyers does not have any soy lecithin. Soy is in nearly every packaged food and fast food. Even water based tuna and albacore. (don’t eat that either… unless you like Cesium 137 & 134 from Fukushima Japan nuclear reactors in your diet. Most often found in Tuna or salmon, but now in any seafood from the Pacific and has even spread to the north Atlantic).

Soy is also listed as vegetable oil. I buy olive oil. Read every packaged, frozen and canned food so you can buy the brands which don’t contain soy. Or cook everything from scratch. You can usually go up online to the fast food brand you like best and find out more about the contents of their foods. If you select Arby’s sliced meats or a salad, your soy consumption will be at a minimum except perhaps the bun and dressing. I try to use balsalmic vinegarette and olive oil. Perhaps some garlic. But if you keep your soy consumption to a minimum it will improve how you feel. The less the better. The more energy you have, the less weight you will gain. Cooking from scratch can eliminate it entirely. Perhaps you can help your spouse prepare these meals to encourage a healthier diet. You don’t have to give up any of your foods just read the ingredients and buy the brands that do not contain soy.

My mother used Crisco for everything and I grew up ill all the time. I got to the point where I barely ate anything. I only survived due to the “one a day” vitamins she insisted I take. As an adult I was quite shocked to see Crisco was soy oil. It was’t until I was tested for allergies by a world famous expert that I learned of my allergies to the GMO soy and GMO corn. I was so allergic just from the allergy panel of tests that I went into anaphylactic shock and they had to stop the tests. GMO refers to genetically modified, but take care with organic food. It only has to contain 20% organic product to be able to claim it is organic. I also noticed that those ethnic groups which eat the most corn products are also the highest in diabetes.

95% of all soy in the US and Canada is GMO soy. It was once banned by Europe and Mexico in the late 90’s to early 2000’s. The manufacturer has since been influential in changing the politics to their favor and may have hired hundreds of university students to ensure all the internet articles are to their favor. They can go online every day and build up hits so their articles appear first & repeatedly hit positive websites for improving the rating of browser hits. And they can control Wikipedia and online magazines and news stories to be in their favor. They bully and sue everyone with an army of lawyers.

It has to really be bad for Mexico to ban a product. In Mexico, the farmers said representatives drove down the roads throwing GMO corn seeds into their fields after they refused to buy their product. Then the GMO company came back with law suits claiming the farmers were illegally growing their products. They also did the same in Missouri, Canada and elsewhere. It was a shame the farmers didn’t counter sue about their products illegally contaminating their fields without permission. But the GMO company has endless lawyers and sued the poor farmers into oblivion until they broke. They like to play dirty tricks on anyone who doesn’t use their product.

Magnesium Sterate is used by pharmaceutical companies to prevent the medicines from clumping in the machines. It is usually made with soy in the US in most drugs. I get Bystolic for my beta blocker blood pressure medicine because it is made in Europe and not with GMO soy in the magnesium sterate.

The GMO genetic modification of their soy is to allow the farmers to spray their crops with roundup to kill the weeds just a day or two before harvest without killing the soy or corn crops. GMO soy and corn are resistant to Roundup. The roundup herbicide is not washed off of the soy or corn. They are actually trying to convince consumers that round up weed killer is good for you. The products are called Roundup Ready Soy or Corn… and Rice as well. They don’t wash it off of the crops when they harvest and the concentration is particularly strong since the farmers usually spray the fields just a day or two prior to harvest. I know this because my home in surrounded by grain fields and I asked the farmer who leases millions of acres. He is one of the few who could afford to own his own combine.

I see them doing the aerial spraying… and when they saw me taking photos for evidence, they began spraying my house with every pass. Just barely 20 feet above my rooftop. I have photos to prove that. I had some baby birds inside the house near the screen of my open sliding door and they were dead within two hours after they sprayed my house early one morning before 8AM when I was asleep. It also explains why most of the local birds had failed nests, babies with tumors and most grain eaters died. After the spraying of Roundup, there weren’t 4 birds left in the entire 10 square mile area of farmland and grazing cattle fields with less than 6 homes on the entire road. All the nests, babies and parents were all dead.

Those large millet seeds they grew one year were sold in Ft Worth as organic bird seed. Bought by the same company which sells shell-less bird seed at Lowes. I can’t say for sure it was the same seed but the events match. I spoke to both the farmer and the birdseed company which buys their seeds in Ft Worth. I didn’t know they might be connected until I had spoken with both about different issues. That Roundup ready GMO seed was certainly not Organic in my opinion since it was sprayed with Roundup weed killer.

In the beginning 15 years ago, I did not know the farmer was spraying his crops with roundup. I had asked the farmer if I could have a bag of his large millet for my parrot. He declined. He said he had to meet a quota. I thought it was odd he wouldn’t part with even a few millet sprays. Then I asked about the aerial spraying because I thought it was odd to spray crops the day before you harvest. Then he explained about the roundup and the weeds and the GMO resistant plants and he was taking them to Ft Worth as organic bird seed. Then I called the seed company I used and found out they were buying from Ft Worth. Then I did research and found out about GMO products and learned they also owned the pesticide company which makes Roundup, as well as a pharmaceutical company. Talk about a scary combination.

I later realized by his odd reaction about not wanting me to have a single spray of millet which I offered to buy, because if my parrot had died from his roundup ready seeds, it would be positive proof of the hazards of Roundup without any middlemen in between to blame it on. It would be direct from the field. I could have easily taken some millet but I’m not that kind of person and after I researched the subject, I’m glad I didn’t give my birds any of those seeds they were selling as organic at 10 times the price. He clearly knew the hazards and feared the liability without the middleman to sell the product. This is why I started researching the subject.

Europe also warned about the soy used to soften the blue and other color plastics which are used for sex toys among other things and they spoke about being concerned about the carcinogenic nature of that soy plastic and recommended not to use them or at least cover them with condoms to prevent it from touching your skin. The European regulatory authority at the time would not allow them in Europe. They expressed concern for the US and Canada who allowed these products to be sold and were fearful of the carcinogenic nature being used in such an intimate manner and the consequences it could cause.

I’m fortunate because I am allergic to GMO soy, so I wont suffer from these issues. I’m not a doctor. I’m an engineer. I can only share my personal experience and research. So for medical advice you will need to contact your doctor or hospital.

However, here is a link with details about some of the dangers of GMO soy.


High estrogen levels and symptoms in men

8 Surprising High-Estrogen Symptoms in Men


Bacteria in Mustaches & Beards

I wanted to bring this to the attention of anyone who has facial hair or someone who has a spouse or partner with facial hair because most do not realize just how much bacteria is being spread to their loved ones or as a bacterial growth medium for their own health issues and spreading it to their children, partners and family members. Everyone needs to think about this.

Did you ever notice how men tend to constantly stroke their beards and mustaches? Each time they do this they are spreading bacteria and anything else they have touched onto their facial hair. This also applies to any facial hair including the one or two day growth. The beards, mustaches goatees and any other styles of facial hair are also a catch-all for food, beverages, saliva, nasal discharge (a nice way of saying snot), dead skin cells, etc. and sexual activity. Even if you washed your hands, did you wash the hair on your face which you have been stroking all day?

When you went to the restroom, did you wash your hands? Did you handle yourself when taking a pee? It would be difficult to tuck yourself away after doing so if you didn’t. Did you flush the toilet with your hand? Did you lift the seat with your hand? Did you wash your hands with soap? My point being to highlight the many sources of bacteria. If you handle yourself when going to the restroom or scratch yourself or eat and drink beverages and anything you touch is being transferred to your facial hair every time you stroke your beard, etc.  Then there is smoking which transfers to facial hair as well.

Do you have pets? Pets lick themselves then you pet them and that bacteria transfers to your hands which transfers to your facial hair you keep stroking.

Do you kiss your children, wife, girlfriend, partner? All that bacteria in your facial hair has transferred to them and any bacteria they have such as children wiping their nose on their clothes or baby or all the things they handled without washing are being exchanged with your facial hair.

This bacteria in the facial hair can cause acne and cold sores and seborrhea and all manner of gross things. They are scratchy and the constant stroking coats the facial hair with skin oils, dead skin cells, pet saliva, your saliva, pet dander and all manner of bacteria I listed above.

I had a spouse who had a mustache and a bad case of seborrhea around that mustache. It was also a nest for psoriasis. Selsun Blue shampoo helped eliminate Seborrhea and Psoriasis to some degree by leaving it on affected areas for about 15 minutes, then washing it off. But the thing that worked the best was his shaving the mustache off. All the seborrhea and irritated skin cleared up as soon as he got rid of the bacteria holding mustache.

If you are going to have facial hair, then you need to frequently wash your hands and your face and facial hair with appropriate soap or facial and hand cleanser to eliminate bacteria. Facial hair is also a carrier for cold germs, flu virus, and a plethora of other bacteria and viruses  which someone may have coughed upon you which you carried home to your family. Think about the welfare of your family. Is their health worth wearing a beard or facial hair? I know that the males in the movie business tend to wear beards to ward off any unwanted attentions from coworkers but they can just say no instead. Besides, facial hair makes them look 15 to 20 years older than they are.

Just a few tips and tidbits I thought men should know about the hazards of facial hair.

I am not a doctor, nor am I in the medical business. I’m an engineer and research scientist. Please see a qualified doctor or medical practitioner or hospital as needed for medical advice or treatment. I can only share my observations on these issues.



Morgellons (skin sores, itching, red & blue fibers)


Be sure to check our latest discoveries in the comment section on how to eliminate Morgellins.

It is clear that many of these doctors who attack the veracity of morgellons sufferers are close minded, incompetent boobs seeking notoriety at the cost of these victims. Anyone who claims these fibers are threads of clothing has never bothered to look at them under a microscope.  They are merely parroting themes without bothering to look at the real evidence. The FBI compared these fibers to their hundreds of thousands fabrics in their files. There were no matches. Anyone with an ounce of sense knows what cottons, hairs & fabric fibers look like under a microscope. There is no comparison to the Morgellons fibers.

I’m an engineer, not a doctor but I’ve looked at Morgellons fibers under a microscope. These are not  hairs, nor dyed, nor from any fabric.  Nor have follicles. They are smooth like nylon  and have feather parasites. These fibers could be excretions or segments like you might see from a tape worm.  Probably excreted from the parasites attached to the hair. Once the parasites are gone, the morgellons excretions will likely stop.

I’ve seen these under the skin through a portable microscope where no wound exists. Completely invisible to the naked eye. They indefinitely retain their bright red & royal blue coloring without any fading. If these fibers were living, the coloring would degrade through decomposition.  I’ve also used my very expensive professional microscope.

Keep in mind that silkworms produce silk. Spiders produce web threads. Caterpillars spin cocoons. So insects do produce fibers. This is likely the source of the Morgellons fibers. A parasite which produces  silk-like fibers.

This tells us that the CDC never bothered to investigate Morgellons fibers. If they had, they would know these were not cotton or any other fabric fibers. So they lied.

I have found boring feather mites attached to some human hair follicles. These are bird parasites which are not supposed to live on humans. But here they are. Only on 1 out of every 20+ hairs has these mites, so easily missed. I don’t know if these are connected to the fibers or not. However, both were in the same area.

It seems to me that a shampoo & body soap containing pyrethrins should eliminate them. Perhaps Lice shampoo. It would be a good idea to leave it on for 20 minutes before rinsing. Perhaps twice per week.

Also medicine to reduce the itching would be of benefit. The less you scratch; the less damage you cause. It is the constant scratching which makes doctors believe it is a psychiatric condition. Anyone who sees you scratching & sores on your skin will think you have a psychological problem if they don’t suffer from the same affiliation. People are very judgmental. You MUST STOP scratching. You are damaging yourself & no one will take you seriously until you stop. Calamine lotion, anti itch topicals, Cortisone, Benadryl  antihistamine, pain meds are things to stop itching. Cover the wounds to keep your hands away from it. Also try ice.

Some internet pictures show an ugly volcanic skin ulcer riddled with tiny holes. I’ve seen this before. These are blow fly infestations. Blow flies lay eggs in open wounds on animals. Also, hair follicles in wounds will grow under the skin like wild embedded ingrown hairs. This may also be what you are seeing. Your scratching continues to damage the hair follicles. It is the red & blue fibers which are pertinent features of Morgellons. Not wild hairs in wounds.

If you have open wounds they should be treated & covered. Perhaps mercurochrome or iodine might help. Or Neosporin at the least. The reason I mentioned the outdated mercurochrome & iodine topical treatments is because they might be toxic to parasites. However, being as these are toxic I’m talking about ONE drop in one spot. NOT used in multiple or large areas. These are toxins which is why they are no longer used. Follow directions.

Keep in mind it is often very hard to view certain parasites & bacteria under a microscope unless you know which stain to use. Also, some parasites & bacteria live in certain areas of the body. It often takes decades to identify these new invisible organisms & find the correct stain to make them visible under a microscope.

Remember how Louis Pasteur was treated by the medical community when he discovered anthrax & rabies? Or when he discovered bacteria on medical instruments & physicians which were causing child birth deaths? He was brutalized for suggesting sterilization of hands & medical instruments as well as pasteurization of milk. I recommend watching the movie of his life.

I don’t like to rant on an issue, but hospitals have become gung ho on locking down patients with Morgellins, chronic itching, Munchhausen’s or anything else they can claim is psychological. So this is a head’s up to avoid problems. Better to go to  a walk in clinic instead of a hospital  if the problem is Morgellins. Get away from any doctor or nurse who tries to make this a mental issue. Do not delay. These doctors are a danger to your welfare. You could lose your children or freedom if you go to some narrow minded doctor who abuses their power. Seek a doctor in an adjacent town or county or another state where they have no legal jurisdiction over you.

If  you have children, go to a doctor out of state. Rent a mailbox in that state for an address to give to the out of state doctor. Pay Cash.  Say you are moving & haven’t rented a new house yet  & are an orphan without relatives. Never leave your child alone with the doctor or staff.

If the medical staff try to separate you from your child or spouse, make excuses & get out of there as fast as possible. Any delay could cost your freedom.  This is how far you have to go to get help without endangering your welfare. The ER would be worse in declaring a psychiatric condition. They may summon police to empower emergency restraint & subject you to a mental facility for observation.  Especially if you have multiple sores from scratching.  Chronic scratching will always be viewed as psychiatric. So control your scratching.   Take your child or yourself to the bathroom & find a back exit to leave asap. I realize this is easier said than done but I’ll give you a couple examples.

I know someone who took their son to an ER for a cat scratch who  realized they were separating family members & summoning authorities. She realized what they were doing, picked up her son & rushed out of the ER with her son & spouse, escaping just minutes before the police arrived.

This was 35 years ago before hospitals had permanent police posted in ERs. Fortunately, they really were staying in a campground & were moving between states & had no  current address for real  since they were traveling with their camper. Five minutes after reaching the campground & alerting the manager  (who was their friend & owner of the cat which the authorities would have taken away over a simple scratch which barely made a mark), the police showed up. The campground manager told them the family had departed. This was over a minor cat scratch  and the hospital had already cleaned it with Betadyne. Just imagine  if it had been something serious. Believe me when I say you need Io protect yourself.  These hospitals have gone nuts.

Decades ago when I was a young mother my 2 yr old got his finger caught in the window of his toy truck. It was swollen & discolored. I feared it was broken & took him to the ER. They separated us at the X Ray while a half dozen nurses & doctors repeatedly hammered at him asking if I had done this.  How stupid they were even thinking I would stick a toy truck on my sons finger & then take him to the ER.  They were ganging up & scaring him. All he could say was “cruck” for truck. I feared he might give into the hammering & repeat what they wanted. He did not understand. I was lucky. My son stood his ground. But this is the mentality of the medical community. Stay away from ER’s & young doctors unless really necessary.

When renting a mailbox take a birth certificate. Park a block away & walk. Tell them you don’t drive so no drivers license. Or say it was suspended in a distant state. Use your maiden name & birth certificate for ID. Tell them you tour the country in a camper with your spouse, boyfriend / girlfriend & have no resident address.  Say he is with a band or rodeo circuit. Or say you are moving  cross country & haven’t rented a new house yet.

Use a box address for the out of state doctors & pay Cash only. Use the same birth certificate & no drivers license for the doctors records. Do not use your insurance. Park a block away & walk to doctors office. This prevents ID of car & tags. Tell them your child is home schooled only if they ask.  Or say you are moving & haven’t rented a new home so you don’t know where his new school will be located. That means they are trying to gain info to track your location. 

Same with emergency contacts. Say you have none. I do & it’s the truth. They just want the contact in case you don’t pay.

Get out of there when they start prying. Don’t give out your phone number. They can obtain your address, name &  track your physical location with your phone number. Buy a prepay throw away phone from a local store  wherever you go. Use that number for the records.  Then remove the battery so they can’t track your phone. Discard it if you need to disappear. Park where no one can see your car but where you can get to it quickly if you need to leave in a hurry. But not where you would be exposed in the open trying to leave.

Remember these words of advice. They may save you a lot of grief. You don’t realize just how the medical community treats anyone who dares say the word Morgellins. I have a family member who was CIA. These tips come from him. Just in case you need them. This advice came in handy over the  toy truck escape.  Fortunately, my son is now in his 40’s.

Coach your child to never give out any info to anyone. Tell them to say “ask my mom”. If you suspect a problem, get out.  Don’t hesitate. Be sure to quickly pay the doctor cash before leaving. Don’t give them an excuse. Try to get  a receipt but your safety is most important.  Don’t act guilty. Walk fast but don’t run. Say you are late for an appointment.  This worked in our case. I was young & didn’t know any better that the hospitals call the police nearly every time you bring in a child  for even a tiny scratch.  It was positively absurd.

Try one of those mini medical clinics. They are more conducive to quick exams & impersonal treatment. Remember; do NOT mention Morgellins, fibers or parasites. Even if you did they would not treat it. Just focus on wound care & itching issues. Act like you’ve never heard of Morgellins. If you mention those three items or they see you covered with sores, they will label you as delusional & will not treat the parasite problem. If it is your child, they will suspect child abuse or Munchhausens. This puts you in immediate danger. I cannot stress this enough. Here is an unaffiliated website which will tell you the same thing.


Morgellins is like telling someone you talk to aliens. So you have to protect yourself. Never say the word Morgellins.   Just ask for wound treatment & itch medicine. They wont help your Morgellins. No doctor can help with Morgellins since they don’t believe it exists. So what would be the point in mentioning it? Let them treat the wound, infections & itching without mentioning Morgellins or fibers or crawling insect sensations.

Perhaps try to treat the parasites with Lice or crab shampoos or cat shampoo with pyrethrins  or bird feather mite treatment. Check ingredients, instructions & safety of using it just on affected area. Make sure it doesn’t contain organophosphates  pesticides like Diazanon, chlordane, Dursban, Saron, etc.  Those are deadly but they put them in pet meds. 

Be sure to disinfect hair brushes, combs, hair clips, etc., each time you shampoo. Cover furniture with white sheets & wash weekly  if someone has parasites or infections on their body or scalp. Wash bedding weekly & use pillow protectors. Make sure everything you come in contact with is clean. Treat & cover wound. Change dressings daily. Keep hands disinfected. Hygiene is paramount. Use gloves  if necessary to prevent scratching. Use UV lighting for air system intake & Hepa filters. However, beware Hepa filters reduce airflow & cause AC units to freeze in hot weather. If this occurs, allow unit to thaw & change to less constricting flow filter. Aprilaire and Freshaire make units to fit central AC & heat A-frame units to provide UV & Hepa protections. 

The doctors will only treat wounds & itching. Do NOT mention bugs, parasites, Morgellons or crawling sensations. However, if you are covered with sores they will suspect psychiatric problems. So wear long sleeves & long pants & hide it as best you can. Don’t lie but don’t volunteer info. You MUST STOP scratching!!!    

I’m open to suggestions on treatments for our Morgellons sufferers. Perhaps we can find a way to help.  No negativity will be posted. So don’t try. All comments are moderated.

Avoid caffeine, stimulants, cocaine, crack, methamphetamines or anything that could increase itching. Use lotion on undamaged dry skin. Hypo allergic. Try Benadryl  antihistamine to reduce reactions. You may also need antibiotics for skin sores & antibacterial wound treatments & anti-itch products. 

Once the parasites are gone, I think the blue & red secreted fibers will be gone as well.  It is just a matter of finding the right parasite treatment.

I  am not a doctor.  These are common sense tips not medical advice. So if you have a medical condition I cannot give you medical advice. I can only share what I know from experience with friends, family or myself. Do not hesitate to see a doctor for serious medical problems. I only wish to caution you how to avoid becoming a victim of bad medical practitioners who abuse their power.   If you don’t like them, find another until you find the right one. Just be cautious in your choices.

I suffered from a rare sudden death heart condition called Torsades for 25 years without help because the doctors decided it was mental. The only thing that kept me alive was the nitroglycerin I got from a friend which countered the deadly attacks if used before fibrillation began. I  finally had to die while wearing a holter monitor (at my own insistence) to prove it. NOW they believe me.

So I do know how it feels To spend 25 years with a serious medical condition with no help except derogatory labels. The last snooty doctor who declared I had no physical problem has paid for all my pacemaker defibrillator implants over the past 15 years at $96k each. I did not sue him  or ask for compensation. His partners & insurance forced him to pay for his errors.

Check my comment on this article for the latest way to eliminate Morgellins & the parasites which cause it.





Foaming milk, Bloating, stomach distention

Here is a new problem I just discovered. It appears the vitamin additives are causing the milk to foam and cause severe bloating, stomach distention, shortness of breath, excess production of phlegm and reflux. Right now, I only drink Horizon brand skim milk 0% fat with no bovine hormones. The carton states the additive is palmitate. They also claim to have added Vitamin D but not where it was derived from. The internet says it comes from animal skins. Even Worse.

I noticed that the milk was creating bubbles when poured into a glass. It has nothing to do with detergent residue. The milk also produces bubbles when poured in disposable paper or plastic cups. When you drink the milk, you can see a dry, flaky coating inside the cup where the milk foam has dried and left a residue after you drank it. This is from the additives. This is the source of the problem.

When you drink the milk, it foams even worse than it had in the cup and turns into millions of tiny bubbles trapped in increased phlegm produced as a reaction. Similar to carbonated drinks except the phlegm traps the bubbles in a foam so it cannot be relieved by belching. The more you drink, the more foam and bubbles build up inside the stomach causing your stomach to enlarge and distend until it actually becomes difficult to breathe. As if you were inflated like a balloon. Unlike normal stomach gas buildup which can be easily relieved with burping or belching, these tiny bubbles wrapped in phlegm, foam  out under pressure in an unpleasant foamy slimy mess. So it cannot simply be eliminated with a belch. The bubbles continue to build up pressure and volume as long as it resides in your stomach as the reaction also fills your stomach with phlegm until it becomes distended and hard as a rock. Do not mistake this reaction to lactose intolerance. Especially if there is no diarrhea involved. I believe it is a reaction to one of the vitamin additives.

Some foods with oils or fats can act as a defoaming agent if eaten in conjunction with the ingestion of milk. So this can intercede with the foaming side effects.

What we need to do, is to find a brand of milk which has NO Bovine hormones, NO vitamin or other additives and organically fed, non GMO, free range dairy cows. A totally organic, additive free milk. I will add the name of the new milk to this article when I find one.

However, keep in mind that it is still imperative for the milk to be pasteurized to destroy bacteria & parasites. Do not drink raw milk. It is not safe. Your milk must be Pasteurized. Homogenized milk is processed to prevent the cream from separating. It keeps the milk blended. Both processes  are safe and necessary as far as I am aware.

Quite frankly, I am getting sick and tired of these beverage companies adding vitamins and calcium’s and omegas, fish oils, corn syrup or other crap to my drinks. Not to mention the chemical ingredients they are using as the source of these additives and what type of contamination those additives may contain. How many of these omega fish oils come from fish contaminated by radioactive waste from Japan or from other polluted regions?

Also, keep in mind that the FDA allows food products to claim “Organic” on their labels if they are only 20% organic. That means they can contain 80% non organic contents.  Horizon brand claims to be 100% organic but that has not protected us from their “foaming” additives.

Years ago, I discovered that the bovine hormones dairy farmers were injecting into dairy cows was causing severe IBS symptoms and abdominal attacks which were being blamed on lactose intolerance when it was actually those horrible bovine hormones from the same company which makes GMO soy and corn getting into the milk we were drinking. Any product associated with that company should be considered toxic. That includes GMO corn, soy, roundup ready grains and produce as well as bovine hormones. All toxic to humans.

So I started drinking Horizon brand milk without those hormones. It cured the IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome) and erroneous lactose intolerance of every person I knew who tried it. That was a good thing. What I did not know is that there was a secondary problem with the milk producing foaming bubbles which we have been suffering with. I can only assume it is being caused by the vitamin additives in the milk. Right now, I only drink Horizon but I will be looking for another brand without bovine hormones and without these vitamin additives. Horizon refuses to listen to these concerns.

The only way to stop this practice of putting additives in our beverages is  for everyone to send complaints, stop buying their products and post opinions  on blogs… keeping in mind these companies will sic online hirelings to shout down & intimidate anyone from speaking out against their products. They will  expend unlimited effort to defend their practices rather than fix them. Don’t let this derail your efforts. Fight these hireling attackers no matter whom they claim to be. It will take public vigilance and boycotting products to exact any change in these practices.  Only significant loss of revenue will effect any change in these processes.

I am not a doctor. All  info is from personal experience.

Thin fingernails

This is an easy one to fix. My fingernails have always been so thin they bend and break and tear. When I started taking 3000 mg of Biotin every day, my nails became amazingly thick and sturdy. It also has the amazing effect of causing your hair to grow in thick and fill in thinning hair with new growth. (See my other article on hair loss) The hair comes in healthy and thick. This has worked for everyone I know, whom I recommended it to; keeping in mind that hair only grows a half inch each month. When I stopped using it for a while, my nails became thin again. So it definitely works.

My mother used to insist on taking gelatin and keratin and brewers yeast but nothing ever worked for nails and hair like Biotin. It is also supposed to improve your skin as well. Give your new nails time to grow thick. It doesn’t occur overnight. 

However, I also must warn that the dosage directions are to take only one 1000mg tablet daily. My doctor is aware of the dosage I take. I figured my hair was so damaged at the time, I needed extra; which beautifully thickened both my nails and hair. My nails were at least 5 times as thick and completely unbendable and sturdy. Like acrylic nails. I’ve never had nails like this my entire life. It is amazing.

My thinning hair grew in thick and long and stronger than ever and even has ringlet curls. My hair has always been string straight, thin and extremely baby fine my entire life. It was like Amber Frey’s courtroom hair… not the greasy hair. Now it is thick with curls as if I had used a curling iron and strong as well. Quite long.

Biotin has an amazing effect on nails and hair and lists skin improvement as well. I didn’t have a problem with that, but it may help others.

I can only describe the experiences for myself, my family and friends. I am not a doctor. I am an engineer. Please see a doctor or hospital for medical advice or treatment.

Chronic Irritable Bladder

I will share something I learned on this subject. I discovered that the more fruit juices I drank, the more my bladder became irritated. This was a surprise since they recommend acidic juices to reduce bacteria in the bladder. I don’t know whether it was the acid or the sugars in fruit juices, but the more I drank, the more often I had to go. The more often I went, the more irritated my bladder became. Not just a 4oz glass. That was fine. But anything more than an 8oz glass of fruit juice or Gatorade was enough to cause frequent urination and increasing irritation. The worse the irritation, the more chance of bacteria becoming an additional factor and become a bladder infection.

However, if I drank nothing but skim milk (milk with no bovine hormones bGH which causes irritable bowel syndrome), I did not have any trouble with my bladder. All the irritation went away and I stopped having any bladder problems whatsoever. But as soon as I got tired of drinking skim milk and decided to drink more than 8oz of fruit juice, it started all over again. This was when I had no issues with blood sugar which can compound these bladder problems. High blood glucose levels cause the body to start dumping sugar into the bladder which causes frequent urination and bladder irritation.

I noticed that the low sugar watered down apple juice sold by Market Pantry, a Target brand, seemed to cause less bladder irritation than the full strength fruit juices. Keeping in mind that I never buy fruit juice with any corn syrup or additional sugars. So if you feel you need to drink some fruit juice, I recommend this reduced sugar brand but not in large amounts. You can add a packet of Truvia  to your glass of reduced sugar apple juice to make it sweeter. Truvia sweetener works best when it is used on something with natural sweetness like apple juice or apple sauce. It does not work well on a sugarless product like tea unless a small amount of sugar is added to it. Truvia tends to double sweeteness of a product which already has some low levels of natural or added sugars so Truvia (Stevia) can help you cut down the amount of sugar you use by amplifying the sweetness. But it is terrible when used as the sole source of sweetness.

However, back to bladder irritation, you can try this for yourself. Try drinking skim milk for a few days and stay away from fruits and fruit juices and away from bladder acidifiers and see if your bladder begins to calm down. Again, I’m not sure whether it is the acid or sugars or both which are causing the irritation… but these are also tied to increased frequency of urination which seems to set off the bladder irritation. I know it got so bad I was having to use pyridium (Uristat) to relieve the irritation. (That is the medicine which turns the urine bright orange).

I tried the cranberry acidifier and that was just as bad as drinking fruit juice in causing irritation. As an Engineer, I notice patterns which is how I discovered what was causing these problems. You first have to have the problem in order to recognize the patterns. Thus, unless the doctor has chronic bladder irritation, they would not be aware of these issues.

Fistulas can also be sources of repeated bacterial bladder infections. Bladder and urethra irritation could also be a reaction to soaps, detergents, lotions or other chemicals. Or even the water you bathe in. You can also get irritations from STD’s and transmitted viruses or bacterias. You may need to get swabs or blood tests to look for various chlamydias or other infections.

You can also get yeast infections inside the bladder despite what doctors may believe. Due to the amounts of antibiotics I’ve had to take, I’ve had yeast in the stomach and in the bladder which can only be alleviated by Diflucan. If your tongue is whitish then you probably have Thrush, a yeast infection in the mouth. These are easily eliminated. But  many doctors seem to think the yeast can’t thrive in stomach or bladder acid. Believe me… they can. Just because a doctor thinks otherwise does not make him right. They are often wrong but rarely admit to it.

Males also have bladder problems from prostate enlargement. This is not necessarily indicative of something bad to be afraid of but definitely needs to be checked by a doctor to get the appropriate medicines or treatments. It could simply be an infection or abscess. Don’t delay out of fear. The sooner you get a problem treated, the better chance you have of recovering. Delaying can end up in catastrophic results.

Males have less bladder issues from external irritants because the urethra is a lot longer than those of females. But not impossible. Bacteria and viruses can also infect their bladders as well.

The doctor can take a urine sample to check for bacteria and you can request to  have those bacteria tested for sensitivity responses to a variety of antibiotics in the lab petrie dishes. You don’t want to let a bladder infection go untreated. My great great great grandfather died of uremic poisoning due to a blocked bladder. Even though the doctors finally cleared the blockage, he had suffered toxic buildup (uremic poisoning) during the days he waited to get help and died just a couple days after they cleared the blockage. His kidneys were irreparably damaged.

A bladder infection is something not to ignore or delay. Especially if the urine is cloudy or dark or has an odor of any kind. I went into septic shock from allowing a bladder infection to go untreated. I was taking oral antibiotics at the time but they were not digesting well enough to get high enough levels into my blood. My kidneys were failing and I nearly died. If you have any vomiting or diarrhea, you can become dehydrated within 12 to 24 hours which can concentrate the bacteria to deadly levels overnight. My white count was 40(000) and I was within 4 hours of total kidney failure when I went to the hospital and was rushed to ICU. So a bladder infection is not something to ignore. I was lucky I did not delay another minute.

In some cases of recurring bladder infections, a daily long term antibiotic is one of the last resort treatments to stop the recurrence of infections, especially when a fistula may be involved or other type of chronic cross contamination of bacteria.

However, if you drink a lot of fruit juices and have frequent bladder irritation… try changing to a non-acidic, non-sugar drink such as skim milk (Horizon or other brand without bGH bovine hormones) for a few days and see if that reduces the irritation and reduces the frequency of urination. I would think coffee or tea would also be too acidic. So the only alternatives I can think of to try would be skim milk which works for me, or water. I would distill or boil the water since most US water contains cryptosporidium & other organisms. Avoid sugars, acids, sodium & caffeine’s. This should reduce frequency & irritation. It can’t hurt to try for a few days as long as you do not have an infection going untreated. It will not fix an infection. That requires antibiotics.

If we can stop the bladder from becoming irritated, we might be able to reduce the numbers of bladder infections we have. I believe the irritations caused by acidic & sweet fruit juices & sodium like gatorade are causing frequent urination leading to irritation which then progresses to infection. If we can stop the trigger of the process, we may be able to prevent recurring infections.

However, as always, this problem should be under the care of a doctor so it doesn’t become a serious or dangerous health situation. I am not a doctor so I can only offer my observations from personal experience. Please seek a doctor or hospital for medical advice or treatment.