Hysterectomy & Fibroid Laparoscopic Morcellator

I only recently learned about this gruesome method used for hysterectomies & fibroid tumors. This is literally like having your organ placed into a blender, spraying tissue throughout your abdominal cavity. It has been associated with spraying cancer cells throughout the abdominal cavity. However, even if you did not have cancer cells, just the fact that it shreds your tissues with spinning, sharp blender blades, spraying your abdominal cavity with pieces of tissue is just asking for an infection as those remaining bits of tissues become necrotic. I cannot believe the FDA approved this Morcellator. Is there anyone left at the FDA who is there to protect the public or are they all front men for profiteers?

I have a friend who was my doctors nurse. She is 34 years old and has a 6 year old and a 15 year old son. She has terminal cancer and is now down to skin and bones after a surgery with one of these morcellators. She only has a matter of days of life left. I didn’t understand what a morcellator was until I looked it up on this website below. Even as a nurse she didn’t know what the surgeon was going to use. She didn’t ask questions. She also allowed the surgeon to intimidate her into a surgery with cancer. She didn’t realize she had other options.

I have a personal belief that cancer cells should be killed with radiation or chemo before allowing a surgeon to cut and spread those cancer cells throughout the bloodstream or lymphatic system. Much less, being sprayed through the abdominal cavity. When cancer is an issue, if you go to a surgeon for advice, they are going to recommend surgery. If you go to a radiology Oncologist, they are going to recommend radiation. The same with Chemo. Each doctor is going to recommend their own specialty. Not which treatment is best. You must be proactive in educating yourself and determining which treatment is best for you.

I recommend taking a look at this morcellator and read how it works and the story about a doctor who had this surgery performed on her and is now fighting cancer.


I had a hysterectomy when I was 27. A vaginal hysterectomy which doesn’t leave any scars.  Nor did it require a blender chopping up the tissues to remove. I also kept the ovaries. If you are having a hysterectomy, this is another option instead of the laparoscopic morcellator.

This is an excellent reason why you should ask about every detail regarding your surgery. Never assume. Common sense would dictate that shredding tissues and spraying them inside of a vaginal cavity is a bad idea. Even with liberal rinsing and vacuuming the tissues, it is impossible to get them all. How any medical professional could condone this method is beyond me.

So consider all options before allowing this procedure. You can always go to another surgeon. One who won’t use a spinning blender to remove a fibroid  tumor or to perform a hysterectomy. A vaginal hysterectomy is a better option. Another option would be a bikini incision.

Another issue to consider prior to surgery is the direction of the incision. There is always less scarring when an incision is parallel to the Langer’s lines.  Langer’s lines are parallel to the natural creases of your body. On your abdomen, these would be horizontal. Another word for it would be a transverse incision. This was what I requested for one of my surgeries.

My mother had a benign fibroid  tumor removed but the surgeon made a vertical incision across the Langer’s lines which resulted in a terrible scar from an inch below her belly button to the bikini line. Even worse, the surgeon used staples to close the incision. She carried that scar her entire life. It would have been a much smaller scar if it had been a transverse incision parallel to the Langer’s lines. It could have been done with a bikini incision and a lot less trauma to the underlying muscles. Unfortunately, a lot of surgeons only care what is convenient for them and not how it affects the patient. The morcellator is an example of a convenience to the doctor at the cost of the patient’s welfare.

However, a scar is a lot more preferable to the spread of cancer cells and infections.

I am not a doctor. I can only tell you the experience of myself, my family and my friends. I cannot advise anyone. I can only express my personal opinions. But the entire premise of having a blender blade chopping up tissue and spraying it through the abdominal cavity is the worst method imaginable.

You will need to seek advice of a qualified medical professional and do a lot of research on your own behalf.

Educate yourself prior to any surgery. Ask a lot of questions. Seek second opinions but don’t tell the second doctor it is a second opinion because they won’t contradict another doctor. Never let someone bully or intimidate you. You always have the option of going to another doctor and selecting a method which is right for you and less risky.