Thin fingernails

This is an easy one to fix. My fingernails have always been so thin they bend and break and tear. When I started taking 3000 mg of Biotin every day, my nails became amazingly thick and sturdy. It also has the amazing effect of causing your hair to grow in thick and fill in thinning hair with new growth. (See my other article on hair loss) The hair comes in healthy and thick. This has worked for everyone I know, whom I recommended it to; keeping in mind that hair only grows a half inch each month. When I stopped using it for a while, my nails became thin again. So it definitely works.

My mother used to insist on taking gelatin and keratin and brewers yeast but nothing ever worked for nails and hair like Biotin. It is also supposed to improve your skin as well. Give your new nails time to grow thick. It doesn’t occur overnight. 

However, I also must warn that the dosage directions are to take only one 1000mg tablet daily. My doctor is aware of the dosage I take. I figured my hair was so damaged at the time, I needed extra; which beautifully thickened both my nails and hair. My nails were at least 5 times as thick and completely unbendable and sturdy. Like acrylic nails. I’ve never had nails like this my entire life. It is amazing.

My thinning hair grew in thick and long and stronger than ever and even has ringlet curls. My hair has always been string straight, thin and extremely baby fine my entire life. It was like Amber Frey’s courtroom hair… not the greasy hair. Now it is thick with curls as if I had used a curling iron and strong as well. Quite long.

Biotin has an amazing effect on nails and hair and lists skin improvement as well. I didn’t have a problem with that, but it may help others.

I can only describe the experiences for myself, my family and friends. I am not a doctor. I am an engineer. Please see a doctor or hospital for medical advice or treatment.


Hair Loss

Here is a source of hair loss I’m willing to bet you have not heard about before. Fumes from memory foam products causing hair loss. This is all true and nothing exaggerated. I was bedridden for months from chronic pain and I started noticing my hair was falling out in large amounts. Just running my hands through my hair would end up with large amounts of hair. No bald spots or patches but terribly thin where you could see the scalp. Just running the brush through my hair would fill it with a huge wad of hair. I also had problems the skin on my arms and face peeling as well. More like rolling off. I never had problems with my skin before. I found this to be quite disturbing.

After some investigation, I realized it was the memory foam pad on my bed. The fumes were causing my hair to fall out and affecting my skin. I hated to do so, but I threw out this pad which had cost several hundred dollars. I got rid of every foam product. This stopped the hair loss and my skin cleared up, but now I had a problem as to how to restore the thinning hair. Three months later, the skin had cleared but my hair wasn’t growing back in.

I discovered that Biotin was a vitamin supplement which improves your hair, skin and nails. I began taking  3000mg biotin tablets per day. This is three times the recommended dose of just one tablet daily. Within 30 days, my hair began growing in quite densely. All of these brand new hairs were growing. My nails became thicker and stronger than I have ever had. Over the months and years, my hair which has always been thin as is common with blond hair, became really thick and curly. It actually forms ringlets. My hair has always been straight as a string. All of my doctors and dentists were so shocked by the way my hair was growing in so thick that several started taking extra biotin. I’ve never heard anything about the foam products or biotin before.

Then it occurred to me whether foam products might be the reason we see so many young males and now a higher number of females who are having hair loss at a young age. I know my hair stopped falling out and my skin cleared up as soon as I got rid of the foam products. It affected me quite severely because I was in prolonged close proximity with it when I was bedridden for months. The more time you spend on the foam products, the more severe the affects. So it would affect some people more than others based on how much time they are close to the foam, how much foam is present and where it is located… bed pad, mattress, pillows, furniture, etc.

I remember when I bought the memory foam pad to put on top of my Select Comfort air bed, the instructions were to air out the memory foam pad outside for 5 days before bringing it into the house. So right from the factory, they are warning us about the fumes. Since I am seeing an increase in hair loss among younger people than we saw 2 or 3 decades ago before foam was so popular, this rang a warning bell. As I mentioned, being an engineer & research scientist, I notice patterns.

I could be wrong. You don’t have to throw out your foam, but try placing your foam products and foam pillows into plastic bags and removing them for a few months. Then try taking Biotin every day and see if your hair doesn’t grow in thicker after a month. Hair grows at a rate of about 1/2 inch per month, so you will only see new hairs beginning to grow after a month.

However, the biotin will not work as long as you continue to be exposed to the fumes from the foam products.

I would be interested to see if this might reverse some of the hair loss, especially in the younger generations. But it might also help the older ones as well. This fixed the problem for me and my hair is now thick and long and curls and looks like Charlene Tilton’s hair when she was young. I never had thick hair or curly hair like that. It was straight and fine more like Jennifer Aniston’s hair.

I can only say it worked for me. I don’t know if it will work for others. There isn’t much to lose by trying this. Remove the foam from your bed and pillows where you sleep. I only sleep on down pillows. Air out your room every day for a half hour. Check with your doctor to make sure it is ok for you to take more than the recommended dose of Biotin each day. It will be at least a month or more before you see the new hair and longer before you realize if it is thicker and healthier like mine.

But I would be interested to know if this helps restore hair loss for anyone else.