Bacteria in Mustaches & Beards

I wanted to bring this to the attention of anyone who has facial hair or someone who has a spouse or partner with facial hair because most do not realize just how much bacteria is being spread to their loved ones or as a bacterial growth medium for their own health issues and spreading it to their children, partners and family members. Everyone needs to think about this.

Did you ever notice how men tend to constantly stroke their beards and mustaches? Each time they do this they are spreading bacteria and anything else they have touched onto their facial hair. This also applies to any facial hair including the one or two day growth. The beards, mustaches goatees and any other styles of facial hair are also a catch-all for food, beverages, saliva, nasal discharge (a nice way of saying snot), dead skin cells, etc. and sexual activity. Even if you washed your hands, did you wash the hair on your face which you have been stroking all day?

When you went to the restroom, did you wash your hands? Did you handle yourself when taking a pee? It would be difficult to tuck yourself away after doing so if you didn’t. Did you flush the toilet with your hand? Did you lift the seat with your hand? Did you wash your hands with soap? My point being to highlight the many sources of bacteria. If you handle yourself when going to the restroom or scratch yourself or eat and drink beverages and anything you touch is being transferred to your facial hair every time you stroke your beard, etc.  Then there is smoking which transfers to facial hair as well.

Do you have pets? Pets lick themselves then you pet them and that bacteria transfers to your hands which transfers to your facial hair you keep stroking.

Do you kiss your children, wife, girlfriend, partner? All that bacteria in your facial hair has transferred to them and any bacteria they have such as children wiping their nose on their clothes or baby or all the things they handled without washing are being exchanged with your facial hair.

This bacteria in the facial hair can cause acne and cold sores and seborrhea and all manner of gross things. They are scratchy and the constant stroking coats the facial hair with skin oils, dead skin cells, pet saliva, your saliva, pet dander and all manner of bacteria I listed above.

I had a spouse who had a mustache and a bad case of seborrhea around that mustache. It was also a nest for psoriasis. Selsun Blue shampoo helped eliminate Seborrhea and Psoriasis to some degree by leaving it on affected areas for about 15 minutes, then washing it off. But the thing that worked the best was his shaving the mustache off. All the seborrhea and irritated skin cleared up as soon as he got rid of the bacteria holding mustache.

If you are going to have facial hair, then you need to frequently wash your hands and your face and facial hair with appropriate soap or facial and hand cleanser to eliminate bacteria. Facial hair is also a carrier for cold germs, flu virus, and a plethora of other bacteria and viruses  which someone may have coughed upon you which you carried home to your family. Think about the welfare of your family. Is their health worth wearing a beard or facial hair? I know that the males in the movie business tend to wear beards to ward off any unwanted attentions from coworkers but they can just say no instead. Besides, facial hair makes them look 15 to 20 years older than they are.

Just a few tips and tidbits I thought men should know about the hazards of facial hair.

I am not a doctor, nor am I in the medical business. I’m an engineer and research scientist. Please see a qualified doctor or medical practitioner or hospital as needed for medical advice or treatment. I can only share my observations on these issues.




Cold sores (Herpes Simplex)

I had a spouse who had a lifelong problem with cold sores. His father had the same problem, which was where his originated from. I have never had any cold sores myself but I was able to eliminate my spouse’s problem. I noticed he was constantly touching his upper lip feeling for the onset of a cold sore. I’ve seen similar behavior with someone who has acne. It occurred to me that my spouse was transferring bacteria, oils and contaminants to his face by constantly touching and handling his upper lip. So I brought this behavior to his attention. He was completely unaware of this habit. He was doing it subconsciously his entire life without realizing it.

So, I had him frequently washing his hands, keeping his nails scrubbed and using sanitizing hand cleaners when he was away from the house. I also had him clean the area on his face with alcohol twice a day. Morning and bedtime. He also made a conscious effort to stop handling his face. It was also important to clean the area with an alcohol pad after sweating and to use clean tissues to blow his nose and never use handkerchiefs. It worked. For all the years we were married until his death, he never had another cold sore. Prior to that, he told me he had been plagued with them at least 2 or 3 times or more times each year for decades since he was a child.

Never use handkerchiefs or reuse any tissues. Nothing with bacteria should come in contact with your face. Keep fresh tissues and sealed alcohol pads and hand cleansers in your vehicle, purse, pockets, briefcase, workbench, home, etc. Clean your hands whenever you handle money or go to the store. Avoid shaking hands with other people as well. You never know what their hands have touched.

I’m not a doctor so I can only tell you what works for me and my family. But I thought I would pass along these suggestions because they worked quite well. As an engineer and research scientist, I notice things that other people do not. I am especially proficient with pattern recognition which often helps in analyzing the possible cause of a problem. 

I have also heard from other people I have known that certain zinc compounds and stress formulas have been effective in reducing their incidence of cold sores. I don’t know the exact details because I have never had a cold sore. But I’m hoping this info will be useful to others. Handling your face can also be a similar cause of acne. I will create an article for Acne as well which will have additional info for that condition.

If a cold sore does occur, it should be kept clean with alcohol and an appropriate antibacterial topical. Also utilize any zinc compound supplements or other cold sore treatments which are effective. I don’t have any experience in treating them after they occur. Only in preventing them. Vitamin C supplements are very good for healing and colds. 2000 mg twice a day. Vitamin E and aloe vera are also very good on healing. But don’t take vitamin E internally. It can cause clotting of blood. So only use it externally.

As always, if you have a serious medical condition, seek medical care from a qualified, medical professional or hospital.