Hyperkalemia (high potassium)

Here is a cause of hyperkalemia which everyone missed. Did you know you can OD on milk? I didn’t until my potassium levels hit critical & my hematologist wanted to put me on dialysis. They thought I was taking supplements. I wasn’t. Every glass of milk has 400 mg potassium. A half gallon has 3200 mg. A gallon has 6400 mg. I was drinking at least a gallon per day or more. I had to stop drinking milk for a couple days to prove it was the source  of the excess potassium. My levels returned to normal.

If it can do this to a heavy adult, imagine what it can do to a child. I don’t know if the potassium in the milk is natural or added, but this is a prime example of the toxic levels of vitamins being added to our foods & drinks. Nobody is watching & the medical community overlooks these sources. You can OD on milk like I did and end up with critical levels of potassium. My entire family drinks large amounts of milk like this. What other problems are these toxic levels of vitamins & preservatives causing. I think the additives need to stop.

In my case, if I hadn’t noticed the potassium levels on the milk carton, the doctors would have concluded it was caused by my medications or medical conditions… many of which are listed as causing hyperkalemia. I was fortunate to have an implanted pacemaker/defibrillator to correct the arrhythmia’s caused by critical potassium levels. I still drink too much milk because I’m allergic to artificial sweeteners & corn syrup. I cannot drink fruit drinks &  sugary beverages because they elevate the  glucose levels. I also don’t like plain water or coffee & rarely drink tea. Milk is about the only thing I drink & it’s still too much. I get sick  & dehydrated if I can’t drink milk & have walked out of a hospital for suspending my access over a false premise  it was causing high glucose levels. It wasn’t. But my blood is checked weekly so I will know if  the potassium gets too high. 

If you have high levels of potassium, check your foods & beverages & vitamin supplements for sources of high levels.

Doctors used to claim we couldn’t get high potassium levels from food or drink or OTC products. I have proved we can get it from milk, so check your foods & drinks because the doctors are misinformed on this issue. My doctors were  ready to put me on dialysis & were shocked when I brought it down in 2 days by limiting my milk consumption; without dialysis.

Again, I’m not a doctor & these descriptions are from my personal experience. Please contact a doctor or hospital for authoritative medical advice.



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