Morgellons (skin sores, itching, red & blue fibers)


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It is clear that many of these doctors who attack the veracity of morgellons sufferers are close minded, incompetent boobs seeking notoriety at the cost of these victims. Anyone who claims these fibers are threads of clothing has never bothered to look at them under a microscope.  They are merely parroting themes without bothering to look at the real evidence. The FBI compared these fibers to their hundreds of thousands fabrics in their files. There were no matches. Anyone with an ounce of sense knows what cottons, hairs & fabric fibers look like under a microscope. There is no comparison to the Morgellons fibers.

I’m an engineer, not a doctor but I’ve looked at Morgellons fibers under a microscope. These are not  hairs, nor dyed, nor from any fabric.  Nor have follicles. They are smooth like nylon  and have feather parasites. These fibers could be excretions or segments like you might see from a tape worm.  Probably excreted from the parasites attached to the hair. Once the parasites are gone, the morgellons excretions will likely stop.

I’ve seen these under the skin through a portable microscope where no wound exists. Completely invisible to the naked eye. They indefinitely retain their bright red & royal blue coloring without any fading. If these fibers were living, the coloring would degrade through decomposition.  I’ve also used my very expensive professional microscope.

Keep in mind that silkworms produce silk. Spiders produce web threads. Caterpillars spin cocoons. So insects do produce fibers. This is likely the source of the Morgellons fibers. A parasite which produces  silk-like fibers.

This tells us that the CDC never bothered to investigate Morgellons fibers. If they had, they would know these were not cotton or any other fabric fibers. So they lied.

I have found boring feather mites attached to some human hair follicles. These are bird parasites which are not supposed to live on humans. But here they are. Only on 1 out of every 20+ hairs has these mites, so easily missed. I don’t know if these are connected to the fibers or not. However, both were in the same area.

It seems to me that a shampoo & body soap containing pyrethrins should eliminate them. Perhaps Lice shampoo. It would be a good idea to leave it on for 20 minutes before rinsing. Perhaps twice per week.

Also medicine to reduce the itching would be of benefit. The less you scratch; the less damage you cause. It is the constant scratching which makes doctors believe it is a psychiatric condition. Anyone who sees you scratching & sores on your skin will think you have a psychological problem if they don’t suffer from the same affiliation. People are very judgmental. You MUST STOP scratching. You are damaging yourself & no one will take you seriously until you stop. Calamine lotion, anti itch topicals, Cortisone, Benadryl  antihistamine, pain meds are things to stop itching. Cover the wounds to keep your hands away from it. Also try ice.

Some internet pictures show an ugly volcanic skin ulcer riddled with tiny holes. I’ve seen this before. These are blow fly infestations. Blow flies lay eggs in open wounds on animals. Also, hair follicles in wounds will grow under the skin like wild embedded ingrown hairs. This may also be what you are seeing. Your scratching continues to damage the hair follicles. It is the red & blue fibers which are pertinent features of Morgellons. Not wild hairs in wounds.

If you have open wounds they should be treated & covered. Perhaps mercurochrome or iodine might help. Or Neosporin at the least. The reason I mentioned the outdated mercurochrome & iodine topical treatments is because they might be toxic to parasites. However, being as these are toxic I’m talking about ONE drop in one spot. NOT used in multiple or large areas. These are toxins which is why they are no longer used. Follow directions.

Keep in mind it is often very hard to view certain parasites & bacteria under a microscope unless you know which stain to use. Also, some parasites & bacteria live in certain areas of the body. It often takes decades to identify these new invisible organisms & find the correct stain to make them visible under a microscope.

Remember how Louis Pasteur was treated by the medical community when he discovered anthrax & rabies? Or when he discovered bacteria on medical instruments & physicians which were causing child birth deaths? He was brutalized for suggesting sterilization of hands & medical instruments as well as pasteurization of milk. I recommend watching the movie of his life.

I don’t like to rant on an issue, but hospitals have become gung ho on locking down patients with Morgellins, chronic itching, Munchhausen’s or anything else they can claim is psychological. So this is a head’s up to avoid problems. Better to go to  a walk in clinic instead of a hospital  if the problem is Morgellins. Get away from any doctor or nurse who tries to make this a mental issue. Do not delay. These doctors are a danger to your welfare. You could lose your children or freedom if you go to some narrow minded doctor who abuses their power. Seek a doctor in an adjacent town or county or another state where they have no legal jurisdiction over you.

If  you have children, go to a doctor out of state. Rent a mailbox in that state for an address to give to the out of state doctor. Pay Cash.  Say you are moving & haven’t rented a new house yet  & are an orphan without relatives. Never leave your child alone with the doctor or staff.

If the medical staff try to separate you from your child or spouse, make excuses & get out of there as fast as possible. Any delay could cost your freedom.  This is how far you have to go to get help without endangering your welfare. The ER would be worse in declaring a psychiatric condition. They may summon police to empower emergency restraint & subject you to a mental facility for observation.  Especially if you have multiple sores from scratching.  Chronic scratching will always be viewed as psychiatric. So control your scratching.   Take your child or yourself to the bathroom & find a back exit to leave asap. I realize this is easier said than done but I’ll give you a couple examples.

I know someone who took their son to an ER for a cat scratch who  realized they were separating family members & summoning authorities. She realized what they were doing, picked up her son & rushed out of the ER with her son & spouse, escaping just minutes before the police arrived.

This was 35 years ago before hospitals had permanent police posted in ERs. Fortunately, they really were staying in a campground & were moving between states & had no  current address for real  since they were traveling with their camper. Five minutes after reaching the campground & alerting the manager  (who was their friend & owner of the cat which the authorities would have taken away over a simple scratch which barely made a mark), the police showed up. The campground manager told them the family had departed. This was over a minor cat scratch  and the hospital had already cleaned it with Betadyne. Just imagine  if it had been something serious. Believe me when I say you need Io protect yourself.  These hospitals have gone nuts.

Decades ago when I was a young mother my 2 yr old got his finger caught in the window of his toy truck. It was swollen & discolored. I feared it was broken & took him to the ER. They separated us at the X Ray while a half dozen nurses & doctors repeatedly hammered at him asking if I had done this.  How stupid they were even thinking I would stick a toy truck on my sons finger & then take him to the ER.  They were ganging up & scaring him. All he could say was “cruck” for truck. I feared he might give into the hammering & repeat what they wanted. He did not understand. I was lucky. My son stood his ground. But this is the mentality of the medical community. Stay away from ER’s & young doctors unless really necessary.

When renting a mailbox take a birth certificate. Park a block away & walk. Tell them you don’t drive so no drivers license. Or say it was suspended in a distant state. Use your maiden name & birth certificate for ID. Tell them you tour the country in a camper with your spouse, boyfriend / girlfriend & have no resident address.  Say he is with a band or rodeo circuit. Or say you are moving  cross country & haven’t rented a new house yet.

Use a box address for the out of state doctors & pay Cash only. Use the same birth certificate & no drivers license for the doctors records. Do not use your insurance. Park a block away & walk to doctors office. This prevents ID of car & tags. Tell them your child is home schooled only if they ask.  Or say you are moving & haven’t rented a new home so you don’t know where his new school will be located. That means they are trying to gain info to track your location. 

Same with emergency contacts. Say you have none. I do & it’s the truth. They just want the contact in case you don’t pay.

Get out of there when they start prying. Don’t give out your phone number. They can obtain your address, name &  track your physical location with your phone number. Buy a prepay throw away phone from a local store  wherever you go. Use that number for the records.  Then remove the battery so they can’t track your phone. Discard it if you need to disappear. Park where no one can see your car but where you can get to it quickly if you need to leave in a hurry. But not where you would be exposed in the open trying to leave.

Remember these words of advice. They may save you a lot of grief. You don’t realize just how the medical community treats anyone who dares say the word Morgellins. I have a family member who was CIA. These tips come from him. Just in case you need them. This advice came in handy over the  toy truck escape.  Fortunately, my son is now in his 40’s.

Coach your child to never give out any info to anyone. Tell them to say “ask my mom”. If you suspect a problem, get out.  Don’t hesitate. Be sure to quickly pay the doctor cash before leaving. Don’t give them an excuse. Try to get  a receipt but your safety is most important.  Don’t act guilty. Walk fast but don’t run. Say you are late for an appointment.  This worked in our case. I was young & didn’t know any better that the hospitals call the police nearly every time you bring in a child  for even a tiny scratch.  It was positively absurd.

Try one of those mini medical clinics. They are more conducive to quick exams & impersonal treatment. Remember; do NOT mention Morgellins, fibers or parasites. Even if you did they would not treat it. Just focus on wound care & itching issues. Act like you’ve never heard of Morgellins. If you mention those three items or they see you covered with sores, they will label you as delusional & will not treat the parasite problem. If it is your child, they will suspect child abuse or Munchhausens. This puts you in immediate danger. I cannot stress this enough. Here is an unaffiliated website which will tell you the same thing.

Morgellins is like telling someone you talk to aliens. So you have to protect yourself. Never say the word Morgellins.   Just ask for wound treatment & itch medicine. They wont help your Morgellins. No doctor can help with Morgellins since they don’t believe it exists. So what would be the point in mentioning it? Let them treat the wound, infections & itching without mentioning Morgellins or fibers or crawling insect sensations.

Perhaps try to treat the parasites with Lice or crab shampoos or cat shampoo with pyrethrins  or bird feather mite treatment. Check ingredients, instructions & safety of using it just on affected area. Make sure it doesn’t contain organophosphates  pesticides like Diazanon, chlordane, Dursban, Saron, etc.  Those are deadly but they put them in pet meds. 

Be sure to disinfect hair brushes, combs, hair clips, etc., each time you shampoo. Cover furniture with white sheets & wash weekly  if someone has parasites or infections on their body or scalp. Wash bedding weekly & use pillow protectors. Make sure everything you come in contact with is clean. Treat & cover wound. Change dressings daily. Keep hands disinfected. Hygiene is paramount. Use gloves  if necessary to prevent scratching. Use UV lighting for air system intake & Hepa filters. However, beware Hepa filters reduce airflow & cause AC units to freeze in hot weather. If this occurs, allow unit to thaw & change to less constricting flow filter. Aprilaire and Freshaire make units to fit central AC & heat A-frame units to provide UV & Hepa protections. 

The doctors will only treat wounds & itching. Do NOT mention bugs, parasites, Morgellons or crawling sensations. However, if you are covered with sores they will suspect psychiatric problems. So wear long sleeves & long pants & hide it as best you can. Don’t lie but don’t volunteer info. You MUST STOP scratching!!!    

I’m open to suggestions on treatments for our Morgellons sufferers. Perhaps we can find a way to help.  No negativity will be posted. So don’t try. All comments are moderated.

Avoid caffeine, stimulants, cocaine, crack, methamphetamines or anything that could increase itching. Use lotion on undamaged dry skin. Hypo allergic. Try Benadryl  antihistamine to reduce reactions. You may also need antibiotics for skin sores & antibacterial wound treatments & anti-itch products. 

Once the parasites are gone, I think the blue & red secreted fibers will be gone as well.  It is just a matter of finding the right parasite treatment.

I  am not a doctor.  These are common sense tips not medical advice. So if you have a medical condition I cannot give you medical advice. I can only share what I know from experience with friends, family or myself. Do not hesitate to see a doctor for serious medical problems. I only wish to caution you how to avoid becoming a victim of bad medical practitioners who abuse their power.   If you don’t like them, find another until you find the right one. Just be cautious in your choices.

I suffered from a rare sudden death heart condition called Torsades for 25 years without help because the doctors decided it was mental. The only thing that kept me alive was the nitroglycerin I got from a friend which countered the deadly attacks if used before fibrillation began. I  finally had to die while wearing a holter monitor (at my own insistence) to prove it. NOW they believe me.

So I do know how it feels To spend 25 years with a serious medical condition with no help except derogatory labels. The last snooty doctor who declared I had no physical problem has paid for all my pacemaker defibrillator implants over the past 15 years at $96k each. I did not sue him  or ask for compensation. His partners & insurance forced him to pay for his errors.

Check my comment on this article for the latest way to eliminate Morgellins & the parasites which cause it.






2 thoughts on “Morgellons (skin sores, itching, red & blue fibers)

  1. I have found that pouring methylated spirits over the itchy area immediately it starts, does the trick. Also, leaving on some antibacterial hand wash to dry, can help with the itch and the infection as well.


    • Good idea.
      I’m not a doctor & can’t give medical advice. I was an engineer for over 30 years & a research scientist for almost that long, among other things.

      This is what I have seen.
      In my microscope, the morgellons did not have the follicle roots like a human hair nor the rough patterns you see on hairs of any kind. They are perfectly smooth like nylon.

      I have a bird with feather parasites which are not supposed to affect humans. However, under the microscope (a high dollar professional microscope) I have seen as many as 3 feather parasites per hair in a defined cluster. On the hairs where these parasites are attached, the follicle is bent over 90 degrees & the hair is dying.

      I would think some lice killer solution from the pharmacy might work. It is sold over the counter without prescription. If not, some feather parasite treatment for birds might work but the ingredients need to be checked for safety. It is sold in pet supplies or at the vet, but a vet will argue the issue if you ask about it for humans & will insist the parasites don’t affect humans. So will the doctors. But I saw these feather parasites attached to human hair under my microscope & compared the birds feather parasites to the ones attached to human hairs. They are identical. This is also where the same spot morgellons is located in a cluster. So I’m fairly certain this is the cause.

      These parasites could have originated from a bird or perhaps a dog or cat was rolling around & picked up a few from the ground. These doctors & vets don’t use their microscopes often enough. It wouldn’t be the first time the medical books were wrong.

      Just a small amount of treatment solution dabbed on the area with a cotton & leave on for 20 minutes then shampoo off. But be sure to check ingredients & instructions to insure they are not harmful to humans or allergic to them. Nor get in eyes or mouth. Also check on how long to ensure 20 minutes isn’t too long.

      I now believe morgellons is caused by feather parasites or parasites of hair, feathers or skin on any mammal & I also suspect the “fibers” are excremented by the parasites. So the correct parasite treatment should work to eliminate it.

      This is just a speculation on my part, based on my microscopic observation. I can’t say for sure if this treatment will work or not but it is the best idea I have. Just be sure to check any treatments for safety & the safety of ingredients & applications before trying them.

      Ask the vet or doctor about the safety of ingredients. They will laugh off the feather parasite treatment but the safety of the ingredients are the real issue.

      Don’t use any organophosphate pesticides. They absorb through your pores. Those will kill you. Look up each ingredient on the internet. There are several nasty pesticides which should never be used on a pet or human but they do it with those flea treatments & collars. So be sure to check every ingredient because these deadly pesticides are often found in pet medicines.

      Then if safe, just treat the area afflicted & thoroughly shampoo or wash off. Don’t take any chances.


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