Foaming milk, Bloating, stomach distention

Here is a new problem I just discovered. It appears the vitamin additives are causing the milk to foam and cause severe bloating, stomach distention, shortness of breath, excess production of phlegm and reflux. Right now, I only drink Horizon brand skim milk 0% fat with no bovine hormones. The carton states the additive is palmitate. They also claim to have added Vitamin D but not where it was derived from. The internet says it comes from animal skins. Even Worse.

I noticed that the milk was creating bubbles when poured into a glass. It has nothing to do with detergent residue. The milk also produces bubbles when poured in disposable paper or plastic cups. When you drink the milk, you can see a dry, flaky coating inside the cup where the milk foam has dried and left a residue after you drank it. This is from the additives. This is the source of the problem.

When you drink the milk, it foams even worse than it had in the cup and turns into millions of tiny bubbles trapped in increased phlegm produced as a reaction. Similar to carbonated drinks except the phlegm traps the bubbles in a foam so it cannot be relieved by belching. The more you drink, the more foam and bubbles build up inside the stomach causing your stomach to enlarge and distend until it actually becomes difficult to breathe. As if you were inflated like a balloon. Unlike normal stomach gas buildup which can be easily relieved with burping or belching, these tiny bubbles wrapped in phlegm, foam  out under pressure in an unpleasant foamy slimy mess. So it cannot simply be eliminated with a belch. The bubbles continue to build up pressure and volume as long as it resides in your stomach as the reaction also fills your stomach with phlegm until it becomes distended and hard as a rock. Do not mistake this reaction to lactose intolerance. Especially if there is no diarrhea involved. I believe it is a reaction to one of the vitamin additives.

Some foods with oils or fats can act as a defoaming agent if eaten in conjunction with the ingestion of milk. So this can intercede with the foaming side effects.

What we need to do, is to find a brand of milk which has NO Bovine hormones, NO vitamin or other additives and organically fed, non GMO, free range dairy cows. A totally organic, additive free milk. I will add the name of the new milk to this article when I find one.

However, keep in mind that it is still imperative for the milk to be pasteurized to destroy bacteria & parasites. Do not drink raw milk. It is not safe. Your milk must be Pasteurized. Homogenized milk is processed to prevent the cream from separating. It keeps the milk blended. Both processes  are safe and necessary as far as I am aware.

Quite frankly, I am getting sick and tired of these beverage companies adding vitamins and calcium’s and omegas, fish oils, corn syrup or other crap to my drinks. Not to mention the chemical ingredients they are using as the source of these additives and what type of contamination those additives may contain. How many of these omega fish oils come from fish contaminated by radioactive waste from Japan or from other polluted regions?

Also, keep in mind that the FDA allows food products to claim “Organic” on their labels if they are only 20% organic. That means they can contain 80% non organic contents.  Horizon brand claims to be 100% organic but that has not protected us from their “foaming” additives.

Years ago, I discovered that the bovine hormones dairy farmers were injecting into dairy cows was causing severe IBS symptoms and abdominal attacks which were being blamed on lactose intolerance when it was actually those horrible bovine hormones from the same company which makes GMO soy and corn getting into the milk we were drinking. Any product associated with that company should be considered toxic. That includes GMO corn, soy, roundup ready grains and produce as well as bovine hormones. All toxic to humans.

So I started drinking Horizon brand milk without those hormones. It cured the IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome) and erroneous lactose intolerance of every person I knew who tried it. That was a good thing. What I did not know is that there was a secondary problem with the milk producing foaming bubbles which we have been suffering with. I can only assume it is being caused by the vitamin additives in the milk. Right now, I only drink Horizon but I will be looking for another brand without bovine hormones and without these vitamin additives. Horizon refuses to listen to these concerns.

The only way to stop this practice of putting additives in our beverages is  for everyone to send complaints, stop buying their products and post opinions  on blogs… keeping in mind these companies will sic online hirelings to shout down & intimidate anyone from speaking out against their products. They will  expend unlimited effort to defend their practices rather than fix them. Don’t let this derail your efforts. Fight these hireling attackers no matter whom they claim to be. It will take public vigilance and boycotting products to exact any change in these practices.  Only significant loss of revenue will effect any change in these processes.

I am not a doctor. All  info is from personal experience.


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