Mercury, Nickel & Phenol in injections

When I was taking B12 shots, I decided to do my own injections and was shocked to see listed on the ingredients that it contained Mercury as a preservative. I wasn’t happy with that at all. After checking other injection vials in my doctors office, with the help of the nurse, I discovered that all of the injections, vaccines, tetanus, flu shots, antibiotics, etc., regardless of type, contained either Mercury (Thiomersal) or Nickel as a preservative. Mercury is suspected to be the cause of autism. Of course the authorities rush to defend their use of these toxins instead of getting rid of them. They claim the use of mercury (Thiomersal) has been phased out in the US back in 1999. I can tell you that is a downright lie. My B12 injections and the other injections I checked, contained Thiomersal or Mercury just 5 years ago.

Don’t take my word for it. I recommend if you are going to receive an injection, ask to read the ingredients on the vial label. Remember, they use alternate names like Thiomersal for mercury, etc. Here is an article on it.

Even worse, I discovered the B12 injections were a derivative of cyanide (Cyanocobalamin).

Then there is insulin which I’ve already mentioned in a previous article, which contains phenol (or m-cresol, aka metacresol which is another term for phenol).

We also see Mercury in dental amalgam fillings (I had all of mine replaced 30 years ago but the toxins had already damaged the teeth & poisoned the roots which were all eventually lost). It is also in a variety of topical medicines, nasal spray, diaper rash and eye drop medicines.

Where is the FDA in all of this? I have a personal issue with injections containing any amount of toxins, no matter how minute. The point is we cant seem to trust our government and Federal agencies to protect us. Their utter disregard for our welfare sure seems like they want to thin out the population.

I did find out that I could obtain B12 without mercury and derived from a different source than cyanide from a compounding pharmaceutical company but the cost was about $435 and the medical insurance coverage would not pay for compounding pharmacy drugs. I decided I did not need B12 that badly.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to know what to do when you are in a situation where you need the injections and have no other choice. It seems to me, if enough people band together and raise enough hell, file complaints, boycott products from certain companies… perhaps you can change what they are doing.

I feel it is important to be informed on these issues. Our same government who allows these toxins to be placed in our injections and other medicines is the same government who allowed horrific radiation experiments and deliberate bacterial sprayings on innocent US populations. I feel the attitude toward human experiments is the same attitude allowing toxins to be placed in our medicines. Only public outrage seems to work.



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