Chronic Eye infections

There are a variety of things which cause eye infections but this one is lesser known. When I was 19, one of my eyelids became quite inflamed, red and swollen. The eye doctor treated it with garamycin eye drops which cleared it up. A short time later, the same infection returned again. While I was enroute to the doctors office, I heard a radio commentary which mentioned  how mascara spoiled after 6 months and also could become contaminated with bacteria. They recommended discarding mascara after 6 months and replacing it with a new one.  The eye doctor had never heard about this and seemed unimpressed by the information. However, I took it more seriously. I threw out the mascara and replaced it with a new one. My eye infection cleared up and never came back. I also decided to use hypo allergy products without fragrances or harsh chemicals just in case.

Since the doctors seemed to be unaware of mascara spoiling or becoming contaminated with bacteria, I thought I would post this information. It would also be a good idea to be very careful about the ingredients of anything you use near your eyes.

Another eye infection was when my son was a newborn. His eyes were constantly producing tears. I was quite young and had no idea this was not normal for a newborn. His eyes weren’t red. There were only the excess tears. When I took him to the doctor for his first week visit, the doctor pressed on the tear ducts & a huge amount of material expelled from his tear ducts. This had been blocking the drainage of his tears & caused the excess tearing. This was easily treated with eye medicine. I only mention this in case there is another young mother whose infant has similar symptoms.

Conjunctivitis or Pink eye is another type of eye infection which is also highly contagious. Often in just one eye. It was the mistaken diagnosis when my mascara was causing an eye infection. However, this is an excellent reason NOT to lend your mascara or makeup to another person. Conjunctivitis can damage and scar the cornea if it goes untreated. It is quite important to get immediate medical care if you get an eye infection. Do not assume the cause of your infection. Keep your hands clean and away from your eyes. Do not share the same towels, etc., to prevent spreading the infection to other family members.

This is also the same type of eye infection you see in baby kittens.

Whether the infection is afflicting a human or your pet, prompt qualified medical care is imperative to prevent scarring of the cornea. It is also quite uncomfortable and often feels like sand in your eye. The eye doctor has eye drops and medicine to treat these conditions and can alleviate the discomfort.

I am not a doctor. I can only tell you about the experience of myself or my family. Seek qualified, professional medical care from a doctor or hospital. Do not delay with your eyes. Prompt care is essential to avoid permanent damage. These infections can turn bad very quickly. Go to an eye specialist in diseases of the eye. An ophthalmologist or ophthalmologic surgeon are doctors which should be covered by medical insurance in most cases. This is a medical condition, not an eyeglasses exam. Many people do not realize there is a difference and these are usually covered by medical insurance like any other doctor. The doctor’s office or your insurer can provide guidance for you on this issue.




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