I started using Insulin about 4 years ago. I was quite distressed to see the insulin contained Phenol which is a highly toxic chemical used as a disinfectant in products like Lysol. The same ingredient that caused liver damage and death in house cats and other pets where Lysol was sprayed. I instantly recognized the smell of phenol in the insulin which is quite strong in the insulin. I immediately started looking for another insulin without phenol. To my horror, there are none. In some insulin brands, they list the phenol as m-cresol or metacresol… which is simply another name for phenol. There is a pharmaceutical company in Denmark which holds patents on more than one patent insulin without phenol.

While I was trying to find info on insulin without phenol, I came across this article about the cancer rates and heart attacks associated with insulin. The disturbing part was the number of cancer deaths and heart attacks during this 3.3 year study. There were 382 cancer diagnoses and 342 major cardiac events. Regardless of the percentages, that is a hell of a lot of cancers and cardiac events in just over 3 years. I found this disturbing and completely unacceptable. Since there seems to be no alternative to obtaining an insulin which does not contain phenol except from a Danish company which holds patents on insulin without phenol but I haven’t found them on the market even though they have held those patents since 2001… it makes me wonder if our leaders are trying to thin out the population? Most people on insulin don’t have much of a choice. Unless they all rise up and raise hell, the manufacturers will continue to put toxins in our medications. Here is the article with that information:

I did finally find an insulin which I am not allergic to. HumulinR. It is made from humans. All the others were made from animals and I was allergic to them.

When I was on Metformin, a diabetes pill, my kidney GFR levels dropped to 31. You need a transplant at 29. I got suspicious and I stopped the Metformin. Just one week later, my GFR levels rose to 96. But a year later the insulin alone wasn’t enough so I occasionally alternated with Metformin. My GFR was 53 doing that but it helped with the issue. Prior to this, my glucose levels were so high without insulin or metformin while only taking glimepiride, the glucose meter was unable to read it. That meant my levels exceeded 500. I had one hospital tell me it was 850. My legs had started collapsing out from under me… all of a sudden without warning, like the bones had turned into a sack of rocks. They just crumpled. My legs could not support me. It was quite unnerving. The doctors couldn’t figure out what to do because the insulin they were using actually increased my blood sugar by 100 points. 5 months later, I became suspicious about the animal sources of insulin and the emergency room heeded my suggestion & tried the HumulinR from humans and that fixed the problem. Over a dozen doctors failed to figure this out, among other things. You sometimes have to do research to figure out what the problems are. Clearly, the current generation of doctors are becoming less and less helpful… and most are imported by the hospitals.

The very reason I originally chose insulin over pill treatments to control glucose or insulin levels was due to the numbers of ads I have seen on TV for “If you or your loved one was taking xxxxx drug for diabetes and developed Pancreatic cancer, please contact our Law firm, etc.” Dozens and dozens of these diabetes drugs over the last 20 years all seem to end up on some TV lawsuit ad for causing pancreatic cancer. I have an excellent memory. The sheer numbers of diabetes drugs associated with pancreatic cancer are quite disturbing. This is one way to reduce Medicare and medical insurance companies costs and reduce government expenses as well as population levels. Get rid of the infirmed.

One other item I have noticed is the connection between corn products and diabetes. Those races and ethnic groups with the highest incidences of diabetes seem to be linked to high amounts of corn in their diets… such as native American and Hispanic. Both are high in diabetes. Those groups lowest on corn consumption, seem to also be lowest on diabetes. As I previously mentioned, I notice patterns. This was a pattern I noticed. Here is diabetes percentage by country. You will see the highest corn consumption countries on top and the lowest on the bottom.

Thus, I never eat corn or foods which contain corn, corn starch or corn syrup. Which means no prepackaged or fast foods. I do the same with soy products. Read the ingredients on everything you buy for corn or soy. Soy is bad for other reasons.

Incidentally, GMO Corn and Soy now controls about 90% of the US & Canadian market. Everything that company touches seems to be toxic. See my article on IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and bGH bovine (cow) hormones given to dairy cows to increase milk production from the same company. Also read about “round up ready” products online where the farmers spray their GMO crops with Roundup weed killer just a day or 2 prior to harvest… and how they try to convince consumers that it is perfectly harmless to consume round up in their foods. The state of NY sued them for claiming it was as safe as table salt. Frankly, I think we need to boycott everything they produce. Here is an article about roundup products you should read.

I realize that most people don’t have a choice on some of these medicines, but this is something which we all need to be aware. I had a choice. It isn’t very pleasant, but at least it was a choice. The key to fixing a problem is to first be aware that there is a problem.

I am not a doctor. I am an engineer so I can only relay from my personal experience. Please see a doctor or hospital if you need medical advice or treatment.


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