Flu shots

My opinion on flu shots will probably be very unpopular. I doubt any doctors would agree with me on this, so I can only share my own views about flu shots and how I came about those opinions. My brother is probably the only other person who would agree with me on Flu shots. Neither of us have ever had a flu shot and neither of us has ever had the flu, which is quite amazing considering our mother had the flu every year. Our opinions about Flu shots began with our mother who always got a flu shot every year and she always came down with the flu immediately following the shot. She was severely ill and bedridden for 3 to 6 weeks every time she got a flu shot. This went on year after year for decades. It convinced both my brother and myself that the flu shots infected the recipient with the flu. Our mother would never listen to our concerns. She always claimed the actual flu would be a lot worse if she did not get a shot and refused to stop taking the shots. She was born in the WWI era where the flu, brought to the US by returning soldiers killed millions. Prior to the development of air travel, the continents and their respective illnesses had been separated by the duration of time required for a ship to cross the oceans. Thus, most of the flu’s had completed their cycle by the time the ship crossed the ocean. The first flu epidemics were the worst because the populations had not developed immunities to the illnesses on distant continents.

However, our mother was not the only person who got the flu after each flu shot. Many people I have known have gotten the flu following a flu shot. I still have one friend who continues to get the flu every year after he gets a flu shot but he still refuses to stop taking them. I still don’t understand why someone would continue to take a shot which makes them severely ill. It makes no sense to me.

I also find it quite strange that most of the flu’s seem to originate out of China. I find it even more disturbing that the pharmaceutical company which manufacturers the flu shots always seems to always know a year in advance which flu strain will strike and always has that very same flu vaccine ready for that specific strain of flu. One must keep in mind that it takes a year to produce these flu vaccines.

This means the flu vaccine manufacturer knows a year in advance which new flu would strike. The fact that this occurs year after year with such efficiency,  takes on the impression that the flu strain itself and the vaccine were produced by the same source with the new virus strain delivered on schedule to a preselected place of origin to begin its spread. As an engineer, I notice patterns and I find this pattern to be most disturbing. How handy it would be for the flu vaccine manufacturer to create the new strain and set it off and blame it on China.

Always knowing a year in advance as to which flu for which to create a vaccine… is a little too coincidental in my opinion. It definitely seems to work well to maintain their vaccine profit margins.

I became increasingly concerned when the media started these continuous flu and pandemic scares trying to frighten the public into rushing out to get vaccines against small pox, SARs, Bird Flu, etc. It became even more disconcerting when I started seeing flu vaccine ads being aired on TV every 10 minutes, week after week. Literally aired every 10 minutes during prime time on each channel. This is not an exaggeration. How much taxpayer dollars went into that? Then I noticed there were Flu shot ads on marquees in front of every pharmacy, grocery store, doctors office and practically every business imaginable. The entire area was flooded with flu shot signs. The amount of high pressure advertising and saturated media marketing was unlike anything I had ever seen. The situation hit an extremely disturbing level when they started talking about a Law requiring the entire population of the US to get the flu vaccines whether they wanted one or not. I found these government pressure tactics over flu shots and false pandemic scares to be quite unsettling. This all occurred between 2003-2007. Yet, no one seems to step back long enough to notice.

I think it is also of interest to know that the Secretary of Defense at that time was the former CEO of the very same Pharmaceutical company which produces the flu vaccines & still has financial connections with that company. So I will leave the conclusions to you in regard to the flu shots. I find these issues to be too disturbing to ignore.

I cannot advise anyone on what they should or should not do when it comes to their medical issues. These issues are for each person to decide. I would think twice before rushing out to get a flu vaccine.

I can only describe how these issues relate to me or my family. We certainly will not be getting one.

As always, you should seek the advice and care of a qualified medical professional.



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