This is an easy fix. The method was a simple feat of engineering. None of these silly methods of scaring, paper bags, holding your nose while dancing a jig, etc. Hiccups are a simple result of anatomical design. Your stomach is positioned at a slant so that part of your stomach is higher than the opening to your esophagus. Therefore, when you have air bubbles in your stomach, they go to the highest level which is that portion of your stomach above your opening to the esophagus where they become trapped and have no place to exit. When the bubbles fill that portion of the stomach to the point where they become level or below the esophageal opening, then the bubbles begin to exit through the esophagus opening causing you to hiccup. (I don’t use medical terms because it is easier for people to understand with simple English).

This was a simple engineering issue. All you need to do is dislodge the air bubbles from the upper portion of the stomach where they have become trapped by changing your position. So, I direct anyone who has hiccups to touch their toes and remain there until they count to 10 (which gives the bubbles a chance to dislodge from the upper portion of the stomach). This usually works the very first time. But, if necessary, you can repeat the process and touch your toes again (counting to 10 before you stand back upright). You are simply moving the air bubbles from the high part of the stomach by bending over.

In every case so far, this has stopped the hiccups.


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