Ingrown Toenails

Many problems with ingrown toenails are due to cutting the nails too short or leaving a sharp jagged point on the corner of the nail where the sharp corner will dig into the skin as it grows. My spouse had this problem and had suffered with painful ingrown nails for years. I like to solve problems. I found if I filed the corners of the toenails smooth and rounded, it prevented the nail from digging into the skin as it grew. Use those large, heavy duty nail files. Try not to cut the nail too short on the corners or file too short because you wont be able to properly file it and it will dig into the skin as it grows. Some nails will actually curl inward. The smoother you can file and round the corner of the nail, the lesser it will dig into the skin. This actually cured my spouse’s chronic ingrown nails. During the 13 years we were married, he never had another ingrown nail.

I assume most people know about this, but I thought I would add these tips just in case some people don’t know about some of these easy fixes.

However, ingrown nails can turn into serious infections which could cause you to lose your toe or your foot or your leg or even your life. Keep your feet clean and any wound disinfected and wear white socks or open sandals when in the house so it can have oxygen and dry air to heal. Do not wear colored socks where the dyes could exacerbate the infection. Infected nails are a hazard to your health and you should seek professional medical care so it doesn’t become a life threatening infection or gangrene.

If a President’s young  son could die from a simple blister on his heel from going without socks, imagine what an infected ingrown nail can do. The seriousness of the situation can rapidly become life threatening.

This is why it is important to take a little extra time to keep your feet clean and your nails filed to prevent ingrowth.


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