Hearing loss & ear wax

This may sound silly, but there is a lot of hearing loss which is caused by excess ear wax… which also means you may be able to restore some of the hearing. When my son was a toddler, he could hear all the sounds so I thought his hearing was fine. However, it was a long time before he began to talk and even then he only said a handful of words. Those words were not pronounced correctly. He would say “no” for “Snow” and “cruk” for truck. I never used baby talk. But I was a young mother and didn’t realize something wasn’t right.

Although I cleaned his ears with Q tips, I was afraid to harm him by cleaning too deep. To my surprise, the doctor saw his ears were plugged with wax and was impairing his hearing. The question is why didn’t my son’s doctors mention this before? They checked him monthly and never said a word. It was only when a substitute doctor saw him that I learned about this. He recommended using Debrox to dissolve the wax from his ears. As soon as I did that, suddenly his language skills took off and he was talking prolifically and pronouncing words correctly. All because I didn’t know my son’s ears were plugged with wax deep in his ear canals.

A couple years later, I get a frantic phone call from my ex that he had gone deaf in one ear. This was a big deal to him because he was an announcer. I told him it was probably ear wax because in his case, he was raised by his mother to fear Qtips. I sent him to the doctor and that was exactly the problem. Debrox also fixed his ear wax blockage as well. Some people get more wax than others and can block up in just a matter of days. Especially males or people with oily skin… but not limited to those alone.

However, if you have an elderly family member or any family member who is losing their hearing, it is possible that ear wax is a problem in their situation as well. The wax often gets quite deep against the ear drum. Much deeper than most people dare to use the Qtips. So, if someone in your family is developing hearing loss, it might  be a good idea to try debrox to dissolve any of the ear wax. If the wax has been building for a while, it might take a few times to dissolve it. In some cases the wax is so hardened it will not dissolve. A doctor can easily see the wax and in some cases the wax had solidified to the point where it had to be removed by the doctor because it was impervious to the wax dissolver.

It is amazing how often this simple wax problem was the source of the hearing loss. A doctor can see this. If it is an elderly family member, they may need to use debrox on a regular basis to keep the wax dissolved. Elderly are often oblivious to their needs. Some spouses are as well. It is also hard to get them to cooperate. This is just something to think about if you have a family member with hearing loss. Removing ear wax is better than everyone being subjected to loud volume on the TV. If they won’t try the wax dissolver, then perhaps they will listen to a doctor.


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