Migraine headaches

I discovered a surprising cause of Migraine headaches. I had noticed that my headaches only occurred when I was at home. I finally discovered my headaches were being caused by natural gas (either the gas itself or the odor they add to it). Even a single pilot light was enough to cause my migraines. I suffered with Migraines for years until I finally moved to an “all electric” home. I have never had another migraine again.

Prior to moving, I had to keep windows open for fresh air circulation. I also shut down my furnace and used the portable electric heaters which look like fluid filled radiators. I chose that style for safety reasons. In one house, we had a new heater installed in the attic with a special powered vent which was effective in eliminating Migraines.

An “all electric” home has actually been cheaper than using gas. So all of those scare tactics telling us gas was so much cheaper than electric is not true. My electric company also has an “all electric” discount as well.

I also learned from an expert in natural gas that it also tends to leave a yellowish coating to your walls, etc., similar to cigarette smoke. He felt it was the additive in the gas causing the Migraines and residues. Unfortunately, the additive odor is needed for public safety because natural gas has no odor and a leak would not be noticed without the additive with the distinctive smell.

So, if you are experiencing Migraines, try airing out your house for at least 30 minutes daily and perhaps try spending some time in an all electric home or a hotel without gas pilots near the rooms to see if your headaches improve. Also, in the summer time when you never use your heat, you can completely shut off the gas and pilot at your furnace during that time of year. Please have a professional do this because you do not want to take a chance on having gas leaking from an unlit pilot. But don’t ask the bozo techs about Migraines because they won’t have a clue and will deny it or ridicule the suggestion out of ignorance. If the doctors don’t know gas causes Migraines, you can’t expect your furnace techs to know this. In fact, there are very few people who know about this, but I’m hoping to help spread the word so people won’t have to suffer from Migraines.

In those friends and family members who eliminated natural gas, they also eliminated their Migraines.

I’m not a doctor but it seems our medical community also has no clue about the cause of Migraines. Their favorite fallback is claiming you must have stress. Anyone can have stress but that does not mean it is the cause of your migraines. I only learned about the natural gas cause of my Migraines because my headaches always improved when I left the house to go to work. The reason women suffer from Migraines more than men, is because they spend more time at home as housewives or taking care of their children. It has nothing to do with sex. It has to do with the amount of time you spend in the proximity of natural gas.

When considering the sources of natural gas, I found that a single pilot light was enough to cause migraines.

Sources of natural gas appliances can be:

  • Water heaters
  • Cook stoves & ovens
  • Furnace & central heat and air
  • Clothes dryers
  • Hot tubs
  • Wall furnace

If you continue to have migraines even without natural gas, then you may have another allergen as the source of your headaches. Plain Benadryl antihistamine may help. I also recommend a CO2 (carbon dioxide) detector in your home if you burn any type of natural gas, wood, coal, fireplace, wood stove or any type of burning fuel.

Heated resins from the circuit boards of over heated computers, TV’s, and other electronics can create fumes which will cause headaches.

Everyone should air out their home for at least 30 minutes every day. Especially late afternoon. UV lights in your central air system will help kill molds and bacteria. Change furnace filters every month. If your air conditioner freezes up and leaks water, then your filters are too dense and the air is not freely flowing over the coils. Use a less dense filter. Also, be sure to keep the drain line clear and use antifungal tablets in the water tray available from air conditioner repair companies.

Fumes from glues, oil based paints, foam products, etc., can also build up in the home, so airing out the house every day will help but only the removal of the sources will eliminate it. Use diluted bleach to kill any molds in your house. Also have a tech check your air unit for molds. They have a special spray to kill molds in your air handler without damaging the metal.

High blood sugar levels will also cause headaches as will straining to focus your eyes from needing proper eyeglasses. Especially if you are over 40 and need readers. Vanity will only get you a headache if you are struggling to focus because you think reading glasses are unflattering. Clenching and grinding your teeth can also cause headaches as can a fever or infection.

However, headaches could also be a symptom of something much worse like a brain tumor, aneurism or other serious conditions.  A brain scan would be a good idea if you have chronic headaches to make sure you do not have something serious wrong. Your life could depend on it. Most of these conditions are quite treatable, so don’t avoid medical help. Always seek professional medical help for serious conditions. Delays could be disastrous… so seek medical care as soon as possible. If you have chronic headaches and have not had a brain scan, then ask for one. If a doctor is not willing to order a brain scan such as a CT or MRI, then get another doctor. It is your welfare at risk… not theirs. Many medical insurance providers require their doctors to put off ordering expensive tests and delay the patient requests until the patient becomes insistent.  Don’t let them ridicule your requests. Find a doctor who still cares about the patient.


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