IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

Ever been diagnosed with IBS or Lactose intolerance? Were you diagnosed with an “idiosyncratic” intestinal condition? Idiosyncratic is a term which means they do not know what is causing the problem.

In a majority of these cases, I discovered these problems were being caused by bGH or bST bovine (cow) hormones given to dairy cows to increase milk production. There are some shocking DVD’s about this drug.

By changing my milk to a hormone free brand, all of those horrible IBS attacks I had suffered for years, abruptly stopped and I never had them again. I must also mention that I usually only drink skim milk.

My brother was diagnosed with lactose intolerance and had not drank any milk for 30 years. He discovered that he was able to drink my hormone free skim milk without any problems.

It is not a good idea to have a dairy free diet unless you want to have a severe case of osteoporosis. If you drink skim milk, it should minimize any formation of kidney or gall stones. If you take daily calcium supplements, be sure to take vitamin D3 (2000IU) with it so the calcium does not end up deposited somewhere other than your bones. D3 is the catalyst which allows calcium to be absorbed into the bones. My family has a tendency to develop osteopenia or osteoporosis, so we take two vitamin D3’s daily.

Plain vitamin D has to be converted in your body to D3. A huge portion of our population cannot adequately convert D to D3. Even the 50,000 IU vitamin D given by your doctor will not help you if your body cannot convert to D3 so the best way to combat this is to take D3 in the first place. Otherwise, the calcium never gets to your bones.

I had osteopenia. My mother and grandmother both had osteoporosis. I went through all those 50,000IU vitamin D from the endocrinologist to no avail until my GP mentioned D3. I took three D3’s daily with calcium supplements and was able to completely reverse my osteopenia. I now take two (2000 IU) D3’s per day to maintain it. My bones are quite dense now.

I discovered the medical community was completely clueless when it came to these conditions. Even worse, those doctors who knew the cause, were afraid to tell their patients about the bovine hormones in their milk for fear of lawsuits. This is becoming a problem in medical care. Doctors are now afraid to tell you about bovine hormones causing IBS or cell phones causing brain tumors, etc. So we have to fend for ourselves.

I’m not a doctor so I can only tell you what works for my family and friends. But every person I have encountered who was diagnosed with IBS or lactose intolerance whom I gave these recommendations, has found that they can drink hormone free skim milk without any problems. Their IBS and lactose intolerance has completely disappeared. Over 50 people I have known, formerly diagnosed with IBS or lactose intolerance are now symptom free after trying hormone free Horizon milk. I would say that this was effective in every person I know who tried it which is an impressive rate. There are also other hormone free brands of milk.

However, be aware that cheese can contain these bovine hormones as can ice cream, etc. Any dairy product can carry these bGH or bST hormones and cause the return of your IBS symptoms.

Also beware that any product from the company which makes GMO aoy & corn has & bovine hormones has had less than stellar effects on the health of anyone who consumes it either directly or indirectly. I recommend reading about their GMO corn, GMO soy, Roundup ready products (where their corn, soy, etc., crops are sprayed with Roundup weed killer just prior to harvest… and they actually try to claim ingesting this is harmless… ) I highly suggest doing a little research on this subject. There are also DVD’s available about these issues as well.

If you have a serious medical problem, be sure to seek help from a qualified medical professional or hospital.


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